Rodd Keith Resources:

1. "Rodd Keith Revealed" by Ellery Eskelin, posted at the WFMU web site, with pictures.

2. An excerpt of Rodd's diary.

3. The American Song-Poem Music Archives. Everything currently known about the Song - Poem industry, obsessively and lovingly chronicled.

4. "Songs in the Key of Z, The Curious Universe of Outsider Music", a book by Irwin Chusid. Contains a chapter on Song - Poems.


"Rodney Keith Eskelin, (or Rodd as he spelled his name), was considered a musical genius by every person that I've ever
spoken to who knew him. For most of my life this story would remain a deeply private one, difficult to gain a
perspective on let alone try to relate and share with others. In 1994, however that all changed. I discovered that
my father Rodd Keith (as he was known in the music business), had himself been discovered by an intrepid
record collector and was now gaining cult status for his work in the "song poem" industry. "Song
poem" music refers to those "send us your lyrics" ads that you've probably seen in magazines. Rodd was one of the
people who set those words to music and recorded the songs which were then "sent around" as promotion on
behalf of the client. A strange process that produced even stranger results." Ellery Eskelin - from "Rodd Keith Revealed"