[See bottom of page for source]

"A Postscript is a very useful invention: but ... " is a writer’s resource from Everton Publishers with a good link to "Eight or Nine Words About Letter Writing" at:  

@WRITERS On The Internet is at:  

1st Step to Get Published - for writers, agents and publishers is at: 

5th National Writing Across the Curriculum 2001 Conference at Indiana University, Bloomington on May 31-June 2, 2001 is at: . If you want to submit a proposal, see:

1000 dictionaries: online, medical, webster, spanish, french, latin, english, dictionary, free, downloads is at:

1000 Journals Project at: is about blank journals traveling the world for volunteers to fill out with their stories and drawings, before passing them on.

1815 Diary of a Nova Scotia Farm Girl Louisa Collins, of Colin Grove, Dartmouth:   is a family history site and a Look at Country Life in the Regency Period. See the links "Intro," "Diary," and "Afterword" as good samples of writing.

1999 Esquire Fiction Competition at:   is a June 15, 1999 to 11:59PM ET on September 10, 1999, writer’s contest for original, unpublished works of fiction, no longer than 6,000 words. See Rules at:

2001 Pulitzer Prize Winners list is at:

24:7 Magazine at:   is great fiction, poetry and photography.

Aboard The Narrative Train III at:   was a December 2-3, 2000 Poynter Institute/National Writers Workshop co-sponsored by Barnes and Noble at Boston University and The Boston Globe. Watch for the fourth one next year.

Acronym and abbreviation list is at:

Acronym Finder is at:  

AHA! POETRY at:   has many links for aspiring poets.

Amateur Poetry . Com is at:

America Writes Home: Pre 1920 Letters is A National Old Time Letters Project:

American Love Stories at:   is a PBS site where one can submit a story about being in a relationship that bridges major differences and share these stories on the Web.

Art of Writing:

Australian Society of Authors is at:

Australian U3A course in Autobiography & Journaling is at:

Authors of STI Writing Programs and Online Courses: has writer’s info at:

Back in at:   is a private service of the Author’s Guild to locate and sell hard to find and books.

BAL – Home of the Detroit Writer’s Guild at:   nurtures the creative drive of African-Americans and other ethnic groups in the cultural arts. The sponsor the Detroit Black Writer's Guild's 2nd ANNUAL MIDWEST POETS & WRITERS CONFERENCE: A Multi-Cultural Affair at the Pontchartrain Hotel in Detroit, MI on September 1 - 3, 2000. For details see this page at:

Bard's Ink Writer's Group:

Bard's Ink Writer's Links:

Bard's Ink Writer's Links #2 are at

Bartleby Weekly at:   is a summary of the additions made and recognition earned by this reference site for writers and lovers of good literature and poetry.

Big Hank’s online writer's critique group and E-Zine is at:

Biography Writing:

Black Arts – Literature site at:   has arts and writer’s resources for African-Americans.

Book of Cliches is at:

Book Publisher, Self publish books, self-publishing:

Brief Human Histories at:   is a free membership site which is the only place on the web to record and post (anonymously) your personal history in simple, easy-to-use forms.

ByLine Magazine at:   presents articles on the craft or business of writing, including regular columns on writing poetry, fiction, nonfiction and children's literature. They also publish short stories and poetry, a special feature for student writers and sponsors monthly contests

Cancer Poetry Project at:   has goals to invite Cancer patients and survivors to write about their feelings; to offer Cancer patients, survivors and others a powerful book of poetry to encourage them; and to raise money for reputable Cancer organizations.

Catholic Writer's Association (CWA) Home Page:

Christian Writers Fellowship International Online is at: <>

Classic Quest Press at:   tells you how to write a novel based on your genealogical research.

Clay Tablets - The Ancient Art of Writing is at: 

CLC Online Writing Resources are at:

CLC Writing Center at:   is a College of Lake County [Grayslake, IL] site with good links.

CLC Writing Center Handouts are at:

Clear Ink SpellWeb at:   is for when you are not sure which spelling is right. The largest collection of clichés, phrases and sayings with explanations are at: In-Depth Specials - Memories of World War II is a new site at: . invites their readers who lived through World War II to submit their personal remembrances of the war years. Your written accounts will become part of an archive of World War II memories. They expect to launch the site in April 2001 and add to it through December, 2001.

Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia is at:

Colorado Prize for Poetry is at:

Common Errors in English are at:

Computer Sources For Writers at   is another Renick lecture.

Constructed Human Languages is at:  

County Seat Saloon – Enter by June 15, 2001 to win This Essay Contest at:

Creative Screenwriting at:,09,99.html   has articles and resources for screenwriters.

Creative Screenwriting Interviews Index is at:

Creativity Workshop – Writing, Drawing and Story Telling as Personal Memoir is at:

Creative Writing Online at:   features authors from many genres that serve to celebrate the expression and art of the written word. They are accepting submissions for the Winter issue that will be seen online here in November.

Creative writing sites are at:  

Crimson Wayside Flower Writing Pages is where you submit or read fan fiction and poetry at:

CV at:  is a Curriculum Vita resource for resume writers.

Dad's War: Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story, by Wes Johnston is a great resource site as well as a place to post your or your father’s story at:  

Daily Grammar at:   is a free mailing list for young writers.

Dave's Truly Canadian Dictionary of Canadian Spelling [not British] is at:

Days Gone By: Fonts for Heritage Scrapbooking at One Scrappy Site is at:

DeskRef: Sources for Quick Answers: Writing has good grammar, style, etc. links:

DeskRef: Quick Reference Links Writer's Resources is at:

Directory of National Copyright Administrations is a resource page at:  

Displaced Writers' Network has resources and writers' stories at:  

Displaced Writers' Network Online Resources are at:

Documenting the American South: First Person Narratives of the American South is a collection of electronic texts at:

DoHistory Home Page at:   shows you how to piece together the past from the fragments that have survived. They hope that many people will be inspired to do original research on "ordinary" people from the past. The "about this site" link has many other good writers’ resources at:

Dorothea Mackellar National Poetry Awards for Schools 2001 at:   is an Australian site with links to the 2000 winning poems.

Electronic Literature Organization:   has monetary awards for new writers.

E-mail: A How-To Lecture Outline by Barbara Renick is at:

E-Poetry 2001 Festival - Electronic Poetry Center [in Buffalo, New York, April 19-21] at: at:  is for artists, writers and performers who embrace the electronic media as a venue and home for their art. It includes a link to a FAQ page.

Eldred WWII Museum Essay Contest at:   is for students from every high school in the United States for the 2001-2002 school year.

Encyclopædia Britannica article on Light Verse [poetry on trivial or playful themes that is written primarily to amuse and entertain] is at:

Encyclopædia Britannica article on Clerihew Poetry [also a form of Light Verse named for it’s originator] is at:

English Grammar 101:

EssayCrawler -- 1st stop for free essays. All in one search engine is at: 

Essay Now at:  has essays, papers, and book reports examples.

Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing is three pages of related links and text at:  

ESSAYWORLD.COM at:   are Essays Written by Students for Students. - the only poetry site you'll ever need - full-text classic world poetry - links to thousands of poets - discussion forums for critique - fun distractions – more at:

F2K: Fiction Writing for the New Millennium:

Family Newsletter Links for newsletter publication support are at:

Fantasy Writers Discussion Group – Index is at:

Fiction & Poetry Society- International is at:

Fiction Fix at:   is a fiction writers’ on-line magazine and resource.

Fiction Writers Resource & Writing Community:

Fiction-Writing Articles on the Internet: 1000 Links--frames INDEX is at:  

Flatiron Press at:   is a new breed of publisher, geared to the new realities of publishing. They help authors develop their voices and their audience and publish books that need to be read, even if they do not have immediate commercial appeal.

Folktale Writing:

Foolish Dictionary:   is a reference to un-certain English words, their origin, meaning, legitimate and illegitimate use.

Forgotten Ground Regained: Alliterative Poetry on the Web is at:

For Poetry at:   is a site for posting and reading poetry.

Forward Motion: Holly Lisle's Writing Page has a variety of different links at:

Freedom of Expression and America Online is about the censorship policies if AOL, but contains an archive of poems banned by AOL at:

Freelance Writing Resource | The Writers Home is at:

Frequently Misspelled Words are at:

Gale Group: Poetry Resource Center is at:

Giving Credit (How To Cite Electronic Sources) is at:  

Global Language Resources at:   is a new company offering you, the serious language professional or student, not just links or lists of corporate "partners", but the real goods, the texts you need with an interface you can really use. [Like the Oxford English Dictionary Online.]

Glossary of Literary Terms & A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices is a searchable database of aids for writers at:  

Glossary of Poetic Devices is at:

Great Sweetwater Writing Site at:   and at:

was their writing contest in March 2000.

Guide to Writers Conferences & Workshops Home Page is at: . It is a Free, Online Directory from ShawGuides with 621 Sponsors of 895 Upcoming Writers Conferences and Workshops Worldwide, with links by writing genre, month, US State and Country.

Help And Resources For Writers! Is at:  

Help Your Child Learn to Write Well at:

Helpful Information for New Writers: Why Was My Story Rejected? Is a help page at: 

Hints For Writers is an online fiction writing tutorial and articles at:  

Historical Novel Society has interviews with many authors at:   the

Homepage @ American Tanka at:   is a good reference page.

HOW TO COPY AND PASTE INTO THE BODY OF AN EMAIL To Avoid Attachments and many writing helps are at:

How to Document and File Family History An Introduction:

How To Write An Autobiography, Life Story, Journal Writing, Family History:

How will history speak of you? What will be the remnants of your life? Who will remember how you lived? Learn more about the origins and purpose of the 2000 days project at:  by clicking on the 6 categories in the box on the right hand side.

Houston Writers Conference 2001 was March 15-18, 2001 at:  

How To Prepare An Oral History is at:

How To Write A Church History is at:   and A Guide for Church History Writers at:

HTGREP form for works by Robert Harris is a Glossary of Literary Terms and a Handbook of Rhetorical Devices at:  

Impossible Object: Summer 1999 was a Brown University Writers’ Project:  

inCite magazine at: <> is a resource of the Australian Library and Information Association [ALIA] that provides membership services, copyright info, publishing resources, useful links and a feature of links called "Weavers Web" at: .

Inkshots:   is the real world of photo journalism. It is mainly for College/high school photographers

Inkspot: Writing Resource, Writers' Community is a fantastic site with links for self publishing, writing genres, writers’ markets, writers’ workshops, networking, and much more at: - World's Largest Writing Site! at:  is the world's largest writing site, with over 5 million hits per month and over 1.2 million original stories, poems, essays.

Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions at:   has extensive summaries of court decisions shaping the law of the web; providing facts, analysis and pertinent quotes from cases of interest to those involved in New Media addressing copyright, trademark, dilution and other intellectual property issues, jurisdiction, linking, framing, meta tags, clip-art, defamation, domain name, e-mail, encryption, gambling, click-wrap agreements, shrink-wrap licenses, spamming, etc.

Iowa Young Writers' Studio:   is in the SUMMER of 2001 in Iowa City.

JAMES JOYCE ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2001 at: . Each year scholars and lovers of Joyce gather from all corners of the globe to celebrate and analyse the work of this great writer. A unique aspect of the school is the fact that it gives Joycean enthusiasts the opportunity to savour and re-experience his writing in the context of the city which inspired and shaped it. The Summer School meets in Newman House, St Stephen's Green in the heart of Dublin where Joyce attended university. The next session is JULY 8- JULY 20, 2001.

Jay Shalmoni Memorial Holocaust Arts & Writing Contest [watch for it next year] is at:

Job Stories at:   is a forum for writers of job related stories.

Journal Writing With Virginia Hamilton:

Kelly Writers House at:   at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA has a monthly calendar at:   and special events at:   for writers.

Language Box - Many Cultures, One Planet at:   has special expertise in managing large or small translation \projects between any of the world's major languages; and can call on the services of thousands of carefully selected, experienced translators. [Has links to language resources.]

Life Story Writing Network -- About Life Story Writing at:  is a personal page by a writer/ author with a book to sell, "ALL ABOUT LIFE STORY WRITING" as well as links to her stories and some help pages for new family history writers.

Links for journalists at:   has links to Media, Search, Research and more.

Little Sayings at:   is a searchable personal database of "sayings" and quotations with a good "Links" page.

Litzine World Home Page at:   is an international student writing webzine, available anywhere that there is Internet access. Its purpose is to get teens from around the world to read each other's writings and learn about each other's cultures. [It has a Writer's Corner of interest to all.]

Logophilia at:   is The Word Lover's Web Site.

Merton Writers Circle [UK] is at:

MLA Style the Modern Language Association of America’s guidelines to documenting Internet sources in your writing are found at:  

Memoir writing and teaching resources -- autobiography writing workshops & books:

Mississippi Writers Page has info and works of MS writers at: at:  is a collection of palindromes [a word, verse, or sentence (as "Able was I ere I saw Elba") or a number (as 1881) that reads the same backward or forward]

Moora Moora Short Story Competition is at:   in Healesville, Victoria, Australia. Closing Date: 12th January, 2000. Open to all countries.

Musing Around is an interesting new Web E-zine at . They accept almost any genre of writing, but emphasize Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, News, Book Reviews and Bios. Two back issues are archived, including some help pages, and there are links to E-zine publishing.


MY FACTS PAGE THESAURI AND QUOTATIONS is another writers’ resource from at:

My Memories at:   is a commercial site selling 4 writing packages for $19.99 each.

Mysteries - Home Page at:   is a mystery writers’ resource from

Mystery Writing:

Myth Writing With Jane Yolen:

net.Poetry: Home to all forms of poetry on the web is at:

NetRead How-To: A Complete Guide To Book Publishing at:

New Earth2 and The Pretender PacifiCon 2000 Science Fiction page is at: . The charity benefit convention was July 7-8-9, 2000 in Los Angeles, California.

New Zealand Technical Writers Association Incorporated at:  has organizational info and links [on the left] to good Resources and Special Interest Groups.

Norcroft-A writing retreat for women in Lutsen, Minnesota is at: . Applications for residency for the 2001 season must be postmarked by October 1, 2000.

Novelist Robert Vaughan [who lectures to writers] has a Home Page at:

NOVELPAGE.COM at:   is a new online writing magazine for writers who like a challenge. Have you ever wanted to start a novel but can't think of the first page? It has an E-NOVEL Competition, a Forum, Reviews, Manuscript Services and a Directory of links.

Ohio Valley Romance Writers of America is a national organization of published and yet-to-be published authors of romantic fiction. We are located in Cincinnati, OH and serve the surrounding areas of Southwestern Ohio, Eastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. Their page has some great US links at:

Once Upon a Lifetime. Take the time to record the stories of your life is a commercial site selling a book/CD to help you write about your life at:

OneLook® Dictionaries at:   has 2561928 words in 647 dictionaries now indexed.

Online Dictionary Net:   Is The Most Comprehensive Listings of English and Non-English Language, Interest and Professional Dictionaries on the Internet.

ON-LINE PUBLICATION FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS is a student writer’s resource at:

On Writing and Risk by Horton Foote is at:

Open Directory - Arts: Writers Resources has 2616 links at: , including Directories at: , Self Publishing at:   and Writers’ Tips: .

Open Directory - Business: Industries: Publishing has Publishing links at:

Open Directory Project Copyright Guide is at: . It includes links to the Grammar Handbook, the Hypertext Webster Gateway, the Bartleby Library, Curmudgeon's Stylebook, etc.

Oral History Links at:   are from the CSUF Oral History folks.

Oral History Program at:   is from Cal State Fullerton [CA] and includes publishing information.

Other Links to Online Writing Resources for Writers -- Writers Write(R) -- The Write Resource(TM) is at:  

Palindromes at:   are [usually] words that read the same forward and backward.

Paris Belletric: THE ARCHER PRIZE is at:   Paris Belletric is an on-line literary establishment dedicated to discovering the new lights of American letters, and is currently offering The Archer Prize in three categories: the short story, the screenplay, as well as a theme prize for a five hundred word short.

Paris Writers' Workshop at WICE in Paris, France July 1-7, 2000 is at:

Partners-In-Rhyme at is for those who enjoy learning new vocabulary words, and writing limericks based on these words, using good humor, puns, spoonerisms and the help of our contributor readers at:  

Peachpit Press – Features: Tips on Designing Newsletters - is an Adobe PageMaker help site with helpful links at:

Pen and Paper:   is a newsletter published by homeschoolers. Their purpose is to give children who learn at home a place to display their creative talents and share them with a larger audience. They print stories, book reviews, drawings, puzzles, poems, etc. that homeschooled kids create.

Pennwriters is a non-profit organization of over 300 published and aspiring writers from across Pennsylvania and the surrounding states all writing areas at: how to write great personal histories is at: . It was created in July, 2000 for the purpose of helping people create and publish personal histories for themselves and others. It had great tips, links, help books and info.

Plot at:   is Damon Knight's 5 page guide to writing fiction.

Poetic Devices Illustrated Through Billy Joel is at:

Poetryboard.Com Forums – an online poetry community of bulletin board forums for poets at:

Poetry Free-for-All - open poetry forum links resources contests, an all-poetry encyclopedia and much more is at: -- Share your poetry with the world at:

Poetry Resource/Patrick Martin: The Web Page is at:


Poetry Teachers at:   has resources for teachers and students of poetry.

Poetry Today Online is at:

Polidori Network - Homepage and Story Archive at:   began in 1991 in Dallas, Texas. It is the tradition based on a party called by Dr. John Polidori in 1816. Everyone at the party composed a story which were read in turn. It was at this gathering that Mary Shelley penned the first draft of Frankenstein. The modern Polidori is held each year around Halloween. Each attendee is asked to bring an original work of poetry or prose. A Spring Polidori was created near the Ides of March.

Power of the Pen at:   is a writing program for 7th and 8th grade students in the state of Ohio

PreviewPort - Connecting Readers and Writers Worldwide is at:

PSEUDOdictionary is the place where all of your made up words, slang, webspeak and colloquialisms become part of the dictionary as well at:

Pulitzer Prize Index for all years back to 1917 is at:

Pure Fiction at:   has reviews, previews, writing advice, Internet links, a bookshop and a writers' showcase for fiction.

Publishers in Australia with Websites are at:

PURDUE UNIVERSITY'S OWL [Online Writing Lab] has a home page at: . See OWL Handouts for students and teachers about general writing process - Planning/ Writing/ Revising/ Genres: .

Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur. 1916. On the Art of Writing is a writer’s resource at:

Ramblings - A Writer's Resource at:   is a virtual community for writers of all genres and experience to strengthen and develop their skills. They view the sharing and exchanging of ideas and suggestions as an important part writing.

Random Access Memory at:   is an online experiment in collective recollection. It is a backup archive for your personal memories, for recollections important or trivial. After registering you will be able to contribute as many memories as you wish. They encourage you to use this site spontaneously. If you suddenly remember the sled you played with as a child, or the sweet, eggy cake your mother fed you dipped in tea, sign in and record the memory at that moment. If you are shy about your memories, use a pseudonym. More than 1500 writers have already participated.

Read or write some Wise Old Sayings at:

Remember Always:   your cherished memories are just a click away. They’ll work with you to create personalized web creations that preserve family stories, document unforgettable events, or pay tribute to special people who have influenced your lives. [See their examples.][Fees from $50 to $500.] - real people, real stories at:   is a free membership site that encourages life story writing and sharing online.

REPORTING FROM - (Personal Journals From Around The Country) is a unique writer's web page at: 

Research Guide for Students at:   has links to everything you will need as a student writing about your research.

Research Resources For Writers is at:  

Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors is a Rutgers University site at:

Roggy's ESLweb at:  is a place for learners of English as a Second Language.

Romance Writers of America’s National page is at:

Romancing the Web - The Authors and Readers Meeting Place is a resource page for romance writers and readers at:

Rose & Thorn: Writer's Resources is at:  

Roth Publishing - Librarians Are Poets, Too Contest - is at: : Home at:   is a tool for creative writers who wish to publish online.

Scottish Website Spring Writing Competition was in March 2000 with the theme: "The Journey." The entries are listed:

SDSU Writers' Conference Home Page:   will help you improve your writing and increase your publishing savvy. We have missed the January 19-21, 2001 in San Diego, but watch for it next year. It is not cheap, but worth it if you are a serious writer.

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary is at:

Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric is at:

Setting Up and Conducting a Family Interview is a genealogy page that applies to any family history writer at:

ShawGuides, Inc. Writers Conferences list upcoming writers’ conferences and workshops, worldwide at:  

ShawGuides, Inc. – more Writers Conferences are at:

Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators:

Songwriters Circle of Kansas City:

Southern Scribe at:   is a clearinghouse of information for working writers in the South and for those writing about the southern region. This information includes: resources for writing opportunities; research; and regional book news. Southern Scribe celebrates Southern writing by being a source of reviews of regional books; providing a list of regional authors; and discussing the region in a monthly zine.

SparkNotes: SparkNotes Poetry II at:   is a contest

Squaw Valley Community of Writers: Writing Workshops in Poetry, Fiction & Screenwriting is at:   [Summer 2001 in Squaw Valley, CA]

Steven Weinberger's Page of Linguistic Resources at:  includes some of interest to writers and those whose ancestors were non-English speaking. at:   is a site to give road signs to Guide You on Your Writer's Journey. It has a free writing video and sells other CD lessons.

S T O R Y T A L K - A place for storytellers at:   is a place to bring your favorite tales, links, reviews, storytelling information, and be ready to chat! It includes many links.

Storytelling Foundation International is at:

StoryTellers Challenge - Links and References are additional writers' links at:

StoryTellers Challenge - Resources is their resource page at:

StoryTellers Challenge Writing Home Page at:

StoryTellers Challenge Storytelling and Writing Events are listed at:

StoryTellers Challenge Writing Guidelines for submission to their site:

Style Sheet For Citing Internet Sources is a detailed "How To" resource from UC Berkeley at:

Subversion: Celebrating Women's Fiction is at:

Sun Cafe Writers Group:

Support Group for New Writers is a free member site at: 

TallyShooter Writer's Group, Writer's assistance and professional resource for freelancers, editors, publishers, readers, soldiers, and writers:

Tampa Hillsborough Story Telling Festival Home Page is at:

Techwriterplus Home Page at:   has technical, general and fiction writing tips, and other links.

Text Perfection: Expert writing service in Australia - perfecting your documents at:

Themestream:   - Unfortunately, business conditions have forced Themestream to close its doors. We're no longer emailing newsletters, providing access to the Themestream website or accepting content from contributors.

Time witnesses: Memories of the last century:

TrAce Spring Workshops for Writers is at:  

Traditional Grammar: An Interactive Book is at:

Trees of Concrete at:   gives aspiring poets, artists, and writers a forum in which to share their work with the world without being published and world to view the work.

UnWritten: Saving Your Photo Stories for the Future is at: . Working with one photo at a time, this quest will show you how to research, write, and save your photo-stories. A photo-story can be as simple as an informative caption, poem or short story, or as complete as a biography. [This is a fantastic site with many great sample stories.]


Virtual Perpetual Calendars, Year Correlations will help you identify a day of the week in your writing historical or biographical text at:

Virtual University Summer Writing Classes began May 14, 2001

W505gCreative Writing for Educators – Index had a Start Date: June 15, 2001 at:

Wannabe at:   offers people a place for recognition and motivation to keep writing. They feel that amateur writers may be afraid of rejection from larger well known publications. They will not refuse anyone as long as the material is not overly sexually explicit or racist.

Wartime News.... The quarterly UK Newsletter containing the personal accounts of those who experienced the hardship of life in WWII is at: - The online resource for Web editors is an editor’s resource and site to increase public understanding of the profession at:

Web of Knowledge: Writing at:   are help articles by VU students. at:  has many poems to read online.

WebWritersWorkshop - Web Writers' Workshop Home Page at:  has writing and publishing resources.

Welcome to the Chicago Area Writing Project:

Welcome to THE FIRST LINE, a new literary magazine devoted to starting from a common place is at:  

Welcome to MediaBistro at:   connects all media professionals to new job opportunities and to each other.

Welcome to the North Carolina Writers' Network is at:

Welcome to the Poetry Billboard is a Singapore site at: 

Welcome to the Poetry Project is at:

Welcome to the Police Writers Club! Is at:  

Welcome to the Word Police Academy at:   is from The Atlantic Monthly Group.

We Love Writers Writing Contest at:   is looking for like minded writers who want to see their work on the web, get positive feedback and encouragement.

What is Copyright Protection? At:   is a help page for authors.

What Is That Line? Your Favorite Quotations Online is now Quote Geek at:

Whidbey Island Writers' Conference is March 1-3, 2002 in Langley, Washington at:

Wildeyed Stories at:   is a showcase where authors, new and old, can share their stories with the world. It includes instructions for submittal and some examples.

WordNet - a Lexical Database for English is at:

Word Play: An annotated page of links to "sites that feature fun with words" at:

Words, Words, and More Words - is at:

Word Weaving: the essential elements for all text weavers at:  is an online magazine for writers, about writing.

Words: Woe and Wonder is a CBC News word-use site at:   is a

forum where you can comment on writing at the CBC [Canada]

World of Poetry at:   is a place to feel free to submit your stories, poems, or anything else you feel like.

world's leading authorities on triple homonyms is at:

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers lists links to specific publishers and types of things published at:  

World Wide School at:   are cutting edge, interactive online applications and are free to all! Courses include "Express Yourself" on freedom of expression and "The Eye of Battle" where you see war through the eyes of the journalist as you learn about the history of war correspondence.

Write Connection gives writers the resources needed to gain world-wide exposure. Explore compositions, short stories, poems, a forum, to discuss any writing related issues, and more at:

Writer's & Poet's Contents Page is at:  

WritersBlok: A site for writers resources, short story contest ($1000 1st Prize) and much more! is at:

Writer’s Digest – Guidelines:

Writers Digest Hotlist at:   has writers guidelines and Market info.

Writer's Center of Marin at:   offers 8-week workshops in Creative Writing, Fiction, Poetry for Modern Times, Screenwriting, and Writing for the Web.

Writers Circle at:   is an online community, showcasing writers.

Writer’s Digest – Guidelines at:

Writer's Digest Writers Online Workshops page is at:

Writers' Ezine - T-Zero Xpandizine at:

Writers' Market Guidelines is at:

Writers of the Verde Valley in AZ is at:


Writer's Resources has two pages of links for writers, including those for specific genres at:   

Writer's Resources is at:  

Writers Resources from Artslynx:

Writers' Village University is a membership site at: . It has a link to the inexpensive cost and many benefits of membership at:

Writer's World - The World's Greatest Resource for Writers is at: 

Writers Write -- The Write Resource -- Books, Publishing and Writing is at: 

Writers, Artists and Their Copyright Holders at:   has links for finding

Writing Courses - Free online fiction writing classes is at:

Writing Poetry: a Theory and Craft Resource Centre:

Writers' Center of Indiana lists programs, events and some good links at:

Writer's Market is at:

WriteThing--Online Writing Group is at:

Write Your Biography, Family History, Stories, Writing, Autobiography:

Writing Corner is at:

Writing jobs sites are at:

Writing organizations are at:  

Writing/Reading Newsletter Signups are at:$CODE$

Xenith: The E-zine for Writing Addicts is at:  

Xrefer home Page at:   brings together and interlinks their reference works online. Xrefer contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, books of quotations and reference works covering a wide range of subjects. And the best thing is that all this content is intelligently linked to allow you to follow a trail of relevant information throughout our extensive library. [Searchable database] [Also See: "Search tips."]

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:This Day in History is a Directory of references to for writers and historians at:   is a Directory of Nature Writers’ sites.

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing has categories and writer's resources and help pages at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Conferences is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Contests is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Education is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Education:College and University Departments is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Education:Courses is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Education:MFA Programs is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Organizations is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Organizations is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Publications is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Web Directories is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Workshops is at:

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Creative Writing:Workshops:Online is a Directory of resources by writing Genre at:

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Children's:Web Published Fiction at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Children's:Writing is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Children's:Writing:Writing for Children  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Mystery:Writing is at:   is the Yahoo Directory for the Mystery Writers of America links.

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Romance:Writing is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Poetry:Haiku is a Japanese poetry style dating from the 15th Century at:

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Poetry:Humorous:Limericks:Contests is at:   is the Yahoo Directory of Poetry Organizations.

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Poetry:Performance:Slam:Events is a Directory of poetry contests at:

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Poetry:Tanka has links to sites for this poetry style which is older than Haiku at:

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Poetry:Web Published Poetry is at:

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Poetry:Writing is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Poetry:Writing:Contests is at:  

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Scripts is at:   is a Yahoo Directory of Artist Retreats and Colonies [many include writers.]

Yahoo Business & Economy:Employment & Work:Resumes:Resume Writing Tips: : has sites for Medical Writers

Yahoo! Reference:Acronyms and Abbreviations is at:  

Yahoo! Reference:Dictionaries is at:  

Yahoo! Reference:Quotations is at:  

Yahoo! Reference:Thesauri is at:   is Yahoo! Resume Writing Tips along with other career and job hunting information.   is a Directory of Writing sites.   is a Yahoo Directory of Writing Centers sites.   is a Directory of Writing Contests.   is a Directory of Essay & Research Paper sites.

Yahoo! Social Science:Communications:Writing:Journals & Diaries is at:  

Yahoo! Social Science:Communications:Writing:Journals and Diaries: Individual Journals and Diaries is at:   is the Yahoo Directory for Writing Organizations.   is the Yahoo Directory for Technical Writing.

Yahoo! Social Science:Communications:Writing:Writer Directories is at:

Yahoo! Social Science:Linguistics and Human Languages:Languages:Specific Languages:English: Grammar, Usage, and Style:Collective Nouns is an English language resource site at:   is a Directory of sites about puns and their use in writing.

Yahoo Directory of On-line and other Distance Learning ESL resources for writers and others:

Yahoo!Writing:Contests is at:

Your Family Legacy - Family Traditions - Genealogy and Scrapbooking Supplies:

Yr Academi Gymreig - The Welsh Academy is the national society which exists to promote the writers and the literatures of Wales at:

Zuzu's Petals Web site at:   is an excellent resource for Arts News and for finding places to publish. It has 7000+ Links For Creative People.

Source: These links all came from past issues of Gleanings II at:

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