A slightly different B9 Robot
Bluetooth sound
Testing & Mobility
Cost (never done)
Treads DONE!
Power DONE!
Control DONE!
Structure DONE!
Knees DONE!
Legs DONE!
Torso Rotation DONE !
slip rings
Not neon
Not Neon Sound interface
Slightly different radar
Pneumatic bubble lifter
Claws & Arms
Pneumatic Claws of Death!
Center of Gravity
Robot pneumatics
While it is possible to build a B9 Robot using published plans, plywood, paint and pipe insulation there are other ways, slightly different ways. Not necessarily better, just different... 

A little walk with Zach

My goal is not to build a replica of the Lost in Space B9 Robot "Costume" that we  saw on TV 40 years ago. Instead it is to build, using more modern means, a Robot that works like the TV B9 Robot.

For any questions: robotb9@earthlink.net