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RF&P 123 by McKeever My focus in modelling the RF&P is both broad and narrow. Broad in the sense that whenever a limited run of an RF&P prototype is released, I tend to acquire regardless of era. The recent Overland brass Governors, Statesmen and Generals being notable exceptions, largely on price alone. The narrow is the 1979-1988 era, with GP40s, 40-2s and SW1500s painted for various times from that period.

123 and 147 represent 1984-85; 91 and 144 represent late 1987, and I have a 147 redition of 1979. Atlas's recent announcement of their GP40 in the correct RF&P colors and non-dynamic brake verison will added four (I actually bought six -- but three are #124 right now.) more to the fleet. Atlas, although they initially announced doing as-delivered, did mid-1980s stylized logo. And they are to have DCC decoders pre-installed. (These were delivered with the 1984-1989 era stylized logo, great for me, lousy for those who were expecting the as delivered...) I am gradually converting older equipment to DCC, and acquiring previously painted models on Ebay as well to augment the ones I painted myself. Lately this has included four by the same painter, where 3 of them (a 143, 146 and a 91) are all late-70s with white frame stripes and correct details. Also in this category were a pair of 40-2s and an SW1500 painted in the late 80s gold foil seal (last scheme). Late 2004 saw Atlas release a pair of Alco S-2 switchers, numbered 61 and 65, and Athearn in early 2004 released an as-delivered paint for GP40-2's #142 and 145.

I joined the Prince William Model Railroad Club in the Spring of 2000, shortly after relocating to Manassas. The majority of club members have Digitrax as the operating system, as that is used for the club's modular layout, but a few members run North Coast. I gave in, and run Digitrax at home now as well. It works for the little amount of space I have at home anyway. (It would work well if I had a lot of space, too)

The Manassas edition of the RF&P in miniature is still in the design stages. So far, the only constructed portion is a 2' x 4' module representing the town of Ashland. About all I've decided is that the Ashland to Doswell segment will be included, along with the South Anna crossing. Probably should do the Richmond terminus as well, but that may end up being a staging yard.

I still keep some ties to the Penn State Model Railroad Club, by running free-lance freight cars amongs the RF&P trains... and even some locos painted in their freelance road, Pennrail.

Thanks for visiting the RF&P pages. Hope you enjoyed your stay!


I'm not sure many can answer this question.. I'm not even sure if I can.. but I am a Dreamer, in many ways... I am indeed a true Southern Gentleman, a dying breed; just ask Barb (my wife) about some of my vowels, like the "aah" in the word "half." The mild speech of Virginia manages to inflect itself every once and a while...



Where am I? Chances are one of a few places...

  • At work -- Home Savings & Trust Mortgage, Fairfax Va or
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  • off on some Sinfonia function
But always reachable on the cell. (Those who know, know.).

2000 Saturn SL2
My former Saturn.. and its plate (still mine, though on the VUE these days...) JOEPAW


I am currently employed by Briner, Incorporated, Mortgage Bankers in Fairfax, Va. This helped to defray wedding costs, and, maybe someday again, trains. The Big Day was this April, 29, 2000, in Altoona, Pa, followed by an 11-day honeymoon to Southern Germany and Austria.

One mustn't forget Shadow, our train-batting cat.. Shadow

Of course, my sister's cat Sox isn't far behind. Sox predates the Clinton version. Shadow

I attended Penn State, and among other organizations, was involved with Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (see below), Penn State Concert Choir, the Penn State Amatuer Radio Club and the Penn State Model Railroad Club. Prior to 1992, I attended Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria Virginia.

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I have several hobbies.. such as:

  • Writing poetry -- recently partially restored online.
  • Barb!
  • Ham Radio -- KC4VDN -- who finally bought a new radio this month...
  • Trains formerly and currently to be NMRA #088041
  • Music

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