Books and Paper Resources in the Chicago-land area

Bookstores, art stores, and gift shops frequently carry packaged origami paper along with origami books. Greeting card stores carry a variety of gift wrapping paper.  Below is a list of stores in the Chicago-Land area.

Kinokuniya Bookstores is located at the Mitsuwa Marketplace, 100 East Algonquin Rd., Arlington Heights IL, 847.427.2665

Paper Source,  two locations:  919 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 773-525-7300, and 232  W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, 312-337-0798.

Dick Blick Art Materials, two locations: 42 S State St, Chicago, IL, 312-920-0300, and 1755 Maple Ave, Evanston, IL, 847-425-9100.

Barnes & Noble's book stores in the Chicago-land area have origami books and often have origami paper.

Paper Resources On-Line

National Stores and Websites

Michael's Arts and Crafts

Paper Source

Dick Blick Art Materials

Please check out the link below of an incredible young folder named Tom Hougen who attends our workshops.

He is so gifted at a such a young age, I hope in the future that he will become a great origami teacher and leader

in the origami community. 

Tom Hougen's Flickr Photos


Katy Higgins is a talented artist, not only in origami but other forms of creative media. Below is her business website.

Prairie Kate Creations


Books in print

Below is a list of origami books in print. There are hundreds of origami books in

publication, however the list below are among my favorites!

Origami Kit for Dummies - Nick Robinson

Creative Origami - Kunihiko Kasahara

Origami Made Easy - Kunihiko Kasahara

Origami Omnibus - Kunihiko Kasahara

The World of Origami - Isao Honda

Origami for the Enthusiast - John Montroll

Teach Yourself Origami - John Montroll



If you're really serious about origami, I would encourage you to join an origami

organization or group. See if there is a local group in your area, if not, there are

quite a few in the United States not to mention all around the world. Many of

these organizations offer monthly newsletters and magazines that you can

subscribe from and through these publications you'll gain new ideas and
models to fold.


Below are the two largest organizations in the English-speaking world.  On their

websites you will find lots of information, including listings not only to local groups,

but to groups around the world.


Origami USA -

British Origami Society -