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This site contains some personal information about me, the author of a newly-released historical book called Hornet Plus Three.
I wrote the book because there is very little public information concerning the US Navy's support for the NASA moon landing program in the 1960's. It is a compelling story that deserves to be told.  While honoring those who executed a flawless spaceflight recovery operation in the midst of the Cold War, I hope to inspire young people to embrace strategic national goals in the years ahead.
I focussed on the Apollo 11 splashdown & recovery for two main reasons:
> It was the most complex of the Navy's 31 manned recovery operations (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab). In addition to actually recovering the spacecraft and astronauts, Captain Carl Seiberlich, CO of the USS Hornet, had three major additional responsibilities to deal with - President Nixon's presence, intense media interest and the moon germ issue.
> My position as a Trustee of the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda, CA provided a unique vantage point from which to unravel this exciting yet complex story. The highly-decorated WWII aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CVS-12) recovered both Apollo 11 and Apollo 12.  Unlike other history books that just walk the reader though a timeline of events, Hornet Plus Three contains personal insights from key leaders who planned and executed these recoveries.
This website contains a little information about me such as my personal background and professional interests. Over time, I'll create a larger Photo Gallery that includes images never before seen in public. There is also a list of Key Links to other sites with relevant information about this topic.
Splashdown 2009
On July 24-26 2009,  the USS Hornet Museum commemorated the 40th anniversary of the flight of Apollo 11. The public was treated to a keynote speech by Buzz Aldin and a panel discussion by a number of NASA and Navy recovery team members. It was a hugely successful event, with over 4,500 attendees over the 3-day period.
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