Project News

04/28/14 - Library updates / Build script changes

It's been awhile since the last update. I have updated the ffmpeg binary to include library updates for x264, xvid, libvpx, and libvorbis. The biggest change is probably the build script. I have modified it so you can now build FAAC. The binary that is on this site though still uses the voaacenc AAC encoder. To build FAAC, please see the HOWTO document that is in the build script download.

10/08/13 - vh131ffmpeg updated

vh131ffmpeg has been synced to the latest ffmpeg 0.8.15 release. I have also updated x264 0.138.2358 and liborc 4.1.8 which is used by the Schroedinger library.

08/09/13 - Updated ffmpeg with additional patches

I have updated the ffmpeg binary to 0.8.15pre8. The update contains the latest patches in the ffmpeg release/0.8 branch and libav release/0.7 branch. I have also updated several of the third party libraries (libx264 0.135.2345, lib_voaccenc 0.1.3, libz 1.2.8). See the changelog for the full list. If you plan on compiling a binary yourself using the build script under OX 10.8.3 or greater, please be aware that the resulting binary does not run correctly. I had to use my old iMac running 10.6.8 to get a working binary. I have tested the binary on OS X 10.8.4 and Mac OS X 10.6.8 to make sure that it works. This is probably an XCode issue but I haven't had time to downgraded my copy to test.

04/26/13 - GPL binary now available

I have posted an updated binary for vh131ffmpeg. Due to restrictions with the FAAC AAC encoder, I have removed it. It has been replaced with the VisualOn AAC encoder. I have also updated the x264 library to 0.132.2309. The build is now fully GPL compliant. vh131ffmpeg now requires Mac OS 10.6 or greater. You can still download the build script and compile a binary yourself for previous versions of Mac OS X.

04/02/13 - Fixed build script

I have fixed the build script again for Mac OS X 10.7 or greater. My Mac Mini was restored from a previous backup that contained the Mac OS X 10.6 developer tools so it gave me incorrect results based on the compiler installed. The new build script should now work correctly on Mac OS X 10.7 or greater. Please note that you cannot build i386/32-bit versions of vh131ffmpeg on Mac OS X 10.7 or greater. There is a bug in ffmpeg that prevents it from compiling.

02/25/13 - Testing GPL version of vh131ffmpeg

I am currently testing a new version of vh131ffmpeg that hopefully I will be able to post downloads for. The new version strips out the FAAC AAC encoder from the build and now uses the VisualOn AAC encoder as a replacement. I have kept the "-acodec libfaac" option so it will work correctly with VisualHub by making a code change that creates an alias to vo_aacenc.

02/22/13 - Refreshed build script for ffmpeg 0.8.14

Just after I updated my build script for ffmpeg 0.8.14, the ffmpeg team released a couple of more fixes and made ffmpeg 0.8.14 final. I have updated my build script for the new release, fixed a couple of x264 tuning bugs and removed FAAD2. The FAAD2 AAC decoder was replaced by a built-in ffmpeg AAC decoder sometime ago and I forgot to remove it.

02/21/13 - Updated build script for ffmpeg 0.8.14

I updated the build script to include ffmpeg 0.8.14 from the release branch. The update also includes minor changes to the libx264-universal and libx264- highprofile ffpresets. I have added a new ffpreset libx264-divxplushd. This ffpreset is based on several internet postings for supporting DivX Plus HD. It is basically a slimmed down H.264 main profile setting and works fine with MP4 created videos.

02/05/13 - Build script updated for Mountain Lion

I have updated my build script so it now works with OS X 10.8. I have not tested it on OS X 10.7 since I skipped that release. The script also contains updates to ffmpeg release/0.8 git-56cc629, libvpx 1.2 and libx264 0.129.2245. The build script also requires YASM 1.2.0. See the HOWTO for further instructions.

You may have noticed that my builds seem to be stuck on the release 0.8 branch of ffmpeg. The newer ffmpeg releases do not work correctly with VisualHub and would require extensive backporting. Therefore release 0.8 will be that last version for VisualHub.

01/30/13 - Downloads are currently suspended

Sigh...MediaFire took down my links due to terms of service violations. You can still download the build script and build a binary yourself. The build script currently only builds on Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.6. I am working on an update so it will work with OS X 10.7 or later.

08/23/12 - New builds released to fix Leopard compatability

I have updated all the builds (PPC, i386, x86_64) to work with Leopard 10.5.8. x264 has also been updated to 0.125.2208 and I have included a patch that adds colorspace information into the video steam when encoding with x264.

08/22/12 - Intel builds also not working on Leopard

I got a chance to run both the PPC version and Intel version on Leopard and both versions do not work. For the time being the Intel build will only run on Snow Leopard. I am currently testing new Intel and PPC builds that will support at least Leopard.

08/21/12 - PPC builds do not work

I got feedback that the PPC version is not working correctly. It looks like the PPC build linked to my Snow Leopard SDK and causes link errors to show up in the VisualHub log. For the time being I have removed the download link. You should be able to still use the compile script to create a build that will work on your Mac OS X version. I am going to see if I can recompile it on either Tiger or Leopard.

06/11/12 - vh131ffmpeg 0.8.12 released

vh131ffmpeg has been synced to ffmpeg release 0.8.12. The new release includes two additional libraries: OpenJPEG 1.5.0 and Schroedinger 1.0.11. x264 has been updated to 0.125.2200 and the build script has been updated to include the new libraries.

05/27/12 - Build script update

The build script has been updated to fix compiling the libgsm library. Source Archive that hosts the source code download is delivering bad source packages. I have changed the libgsm download location to a Debian source code repository for the time being.

05/15/12 - Security fixes and library refresh

I have added a few security and bug fixes from the libav release/0.7 branch and updated several libraries: libvpx 1.1.0, x264 0.124.2197, and zlib 1.2.7. The build script has also been updated to include the new library versions and libav security patches.

04/14/12 - vh131ffmpeg 0.8.11 released

vh131ffmpeg has been synced to ffmpeg release 0.8.11. The new ffmpeg release includes security and bugs fixes. It is recommended to upgrade to the new release.

03/15/12 - Build fix and library refresh

The binaries released on 2/8/12 have an errant dynamic link library reference to libvorbis causing them not to work. I have rebuilt the Intel binaries to fix the problem and included several updated libraries: lame 3.99.5, libvo-aacenc 0.1.2, libvo-amrwbenc 0.1.2, libopencore-amr 0.1.3 and x264 0.122.2184. The PowerPC binary and build script have also been refreshed. To reduce the download size, I have split out the binaries into specifc processor builds.

03/07/12 - Build script and experimental PowerPC release

I have spent the last few days cleaning up my build process for vh131ffmpeg. I adapted one of the Jamfiles from Handbrake to make building vh131ffmpeg much easier. My original build process involved pasting command lines out of a text file. As part of the cleanup I was finally able to build a PowerPC binary. The binary is only for computers using G4/G5 processors. I am marking it as experimental because I do not have a G4/G5 PPC computer to test on. It does work in Rosetta mode on my iMac. Both the *experimental* PowerPC binary and build script can be found under Resources on the main page.

02/08/12 - vh131ffmpeg 0.8.10 released

vh131ffmpeg has been synced to ffmpeg release 0.8.10. This release also corrects the mp4 stitching bug when stitching different source video formats. I also updated several of the third party libraries: zlib 1.2.6, libx264 0.120.2162, libvorbis 1.3.3 and libvpx 1.0.0. For the time being I have removed vh131ffmpeg 0.7.11, 0.6.5 and the corresponding source code changes until I can fix the mp4 stitching bug in these releases.

02/06/12 - Another mp4 stiching bug

I have found another mp4 stitching bug. The bug affects the iTunes and MP4 tab in Visualhub. It manifests itself if you try to stitch different types of video formats together. The resulting combined file will be 0kb in size. For some reason, if you stitch the same video formats together it works correctly. I found the commit way back in ffmpeg r9797 that caused the problem and I am currently testing a fix. The bug affects all my versions of vh131ffmpeg (release 0.6.x and 0.7.x).

01/29/12 - vh131ffmpeg 0.7.11 and 0.6.5 released

vh131ffmpeg has been sycned to ffmpeg release 0.7.11 and 0.6.5. The new update also includes lame 3.99.4 and x264 0.120.2146.

01/08/12 - vh131ffmpeg 0.7.10 released

vh131ffmpeg has been updated to ffmpeg 0.7.10. It also fixes the mp4 stitching bug that was in the vh131ffmpeg 0.7.x series of releases.

01/06/12 - A New Year and a new bug

I was informed of a bug when trying to stitch two or more mp4 files. I have confimed the bug and I think that I found the ffmpeg commit that introduced it. I am currently testing a new build and will release it shortly. vh131ffmpeg 0.6.4 does not have this problem.

12/30/11 - vh131ffmpeg 0.7.9 released

vh131ffmpeg has been updated to ffmpeg 0.7.9. The new update also includes lame 3.99.3 and x264 0.120.2120. I have also synced vh131ffmpeg 0.6.4 with the current release/0.6 branch on This is the "official" ffmpeg 0.6.4 release.

12/02/11 - vh131ffmpeg 0.7.8 released

vh131ffmpeg has been updated to ffmpeg 0.7.8. The new update also includes lame 3.99.2. There is a fix in this version that let's VisualHub correctly detect the aspect ratios for DV and MPEG2 media. Instead of having ffmpeg output the storage resolution of a video file, it now outputs the actual display resolution. This makes working with MakeMKV created files much easier.

10/31/11 - vh131ffmpeg and tccat/play_title update

I have fixed tccat and play_title. I accidentally introduced AppleScript error -1728 by compiling in the libdvdcss library. Removing the library from the build fixed the problem. vh131ffmpeg has also been updated to include lame 3.99 and x246 0.119.2106. The binary is now universal (Intel 32/64 bit).

10/26/11 - tccat and play_title cause possible AppleScript errors

After some time personally using the newly updated tools tccat and play_title, I have determined that they cause problems with VisualHub. When previewing a DVD/VIDEO_TS folder, you may get the AppleScript error -1728. The error seems to be mainly annoying but it's a bug none the less. Please revert to the old versions that came with VisualHub until I can resolve the problem. I have also removed the download links from the main page. avimerge is not affected by the issue.

10/08/11 - VisualHub tools updated

avimerge has been updated to an Intel binary for compatiblity with Mac OS X 10.7. The original version is not compatible (PPC build) and without the update, AVI encoding in VisualHub does not work properly. Both play_title and tccat have also been updated. They include a fix to read invalid UDF file systems (new form of DVD copy protection). tccat is a recommended update for Mac OX 10.7 because the original version is also not compatible (PPC build). See the FAQ for instructions on how to install the updated tools.

Update: During testing I discovered that encoded AVI videos were missing parts of the audio. It turned out that avimerge in transcode 1.1.x that I was using does not work with VisualHub. I went back a release to transcode 1.0.7 and now avimerge works as expected. If you downloaded a previous version before 10/8/11, please get the latest version on the release page.

09/26/11 - vh131ffmpeg updated

This revision updates libx264 to release 0.118.2085. I also fixed an issue generating a preview picture when x264 is selected in the iTunes encoding window and the "Show Compression" in the preview window is selected.

09/10/11 - vh131ffmpeg updated

This revision updates libx264 to release 0.116.2074. There are no other fixes. Also please note that I am going to be changing the download links in the next update. The 32 bit version link has already changed and it will likely be changed again.

08/17/11 - Kagi and VisualHub

I just found out from Tyler that Kagi has released a VHub Updater that updates VisualHub with his scripts at the Techspansion website and my vh131ffmpeg update that improves the speed of VisualHub (the program) for a fee of $4.99. I feel it necesssary to respond:

Kagi approached me via email the week of 7/25/11 to see if they could help off load some of the downloads for my version of vh131ffmpeg. At the time, my site had gone down because of Earthlink's 1GB/mo limit. I replied to Kagi's request saying that they could host the update but on the condition that it was a separate download and it could not be included with the original code. Kagi did not make it known to me that they were going to charge the user community a fee for this update. If I had known that I would not have let them host my update. This program is under the ffmpeg license and includes a couple of NONFREE libraries (FAAC/FAAD). Therefore it cannot be included in any program or updater that is made available for a fee.