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About vh131ffmpeg for VisualHub

vh131ffmpeg is the underlining program that lets VisualHub do its magic. It is based off the open source project ffmpeg. The main changes are output related to better support AppleScript which VisualHub is built from. The original version of vh131ffmpeg was synced to ffmpeg r9226 which came out in June 2007. Since then ffmpeg has been constantly updated with new decoding/encoding formats, stability fixes, security fixes and general bug fixes. This project is my attempt at keeping vh131ffmpeg synced with the latest ffmpeg code changes and 3rd party libraries.

Some Background

So why attempt to upgrade vh131ffmpeg? I had a few reasons: I was having problems decoding certain DVDs (The Matrix/WALL-E), I wanted to use the latest 3rd party libraries and I really liked VisualHub over the other converters. I initially discovered that syncing vh131ffmpeg to ffmpeg r9816 fixed my decoding problems but it turned out to be the last revision that could be used reliably with VisualHub. Since VisualHub was no longer being developed, I took up the task of forward porting all of Tyler's source code changes into newer revisions of ffmpeg. This project is the result of those efforts.

What's new in vh131ffmpeg?

The latest version of vh131ffmpeg is synced with ffmpeg 0.8.15. This is a drop in replacement for vh131ffmpeg provided with VisualHub. It provides an increase in encoding speed, better video quality and additional video decoders. Advanced features can be accessed by opening the "Advanced Settings" window and entering ffmpeg commands into the "Extra FFmpeg Flags" fields. See the FAQ for examples and troubleshooting tips.

Here's a list of some of the changes: