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Welcome to the professional page of Robert M. Tilendis, editor, reviewer, and art photographer.
The following pages contain a resume, a bibliography of works in print, links to online works, and photo galleries.
The images in the galleries are all available for sale, but some have not yet been printed.  Because of the differences among monitors and between the screen and the physical print, the images as shown are close approximations to the finished prints.  If interested in purchasing, please contact me at rmthunter-at-earthlink-dot-net to discuss pricing.
The same e-mail address applies if you want to give me an editorial or writing assignment that actually pays money.  (Sorry, but I'm already doing enough for free.)
A Note on Images:
On some monitors the site software I'm using has a tendency to throw in a white border between the bottom of of the image and the frame.  This is, I'm afraid, an artifact of the system, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it.  To keep up on updates, check Hunter at Random.

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