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Below you'll find an overview of my Steel(e) line, with the direct line indicated in orange text. Not all information is included here, and I've left out some info to protect the living.

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Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE STEELE was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and died 1866 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois. He married ANNA STEIN MORRISON, probably in Scotland. He was reportedly the only member of his family to settle in the United States; at least one sibling, brother Alexander, is said to have emigrated to Montreal, Canada.

George was a prominent citizen of early Chicago (settling there in the early 1830s), helping to found the Chicago Board of Trade and serving as its first president. According to the 1892 Portrait and Biographical Record of Lee County, Illinois, "he it was who built one of the first elevators ever erected in the city, and he was one of the first to engage in the pork-packing business, which has since assumed such enormous proportions" (p. 391). Additionally, he did significant work as one of the contractors for the building of the Illinois and Michigan Canal.


i. GEORGE STEEL(E), b. 10 May 1842, Lockport, Will Co., Illinois; d. 31 March 1895, Dixon, Lee County, Illinois.

The 1892 Portrait... indicates that George and Anna had 8 other children, 7 of whom lived to adulthood.

Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE STEEL(E) (GEORGE STEELE) was born 10 May 1842 in Lockport, Will Co., Illinois, and died 31 March 1895 in Dixon, Lee County, Illinois. He married LOUISE P. VAN EPPS 11 July 1871, daughter of WILLIAM VAN EPPS and MARY PECK. (See the VAN EPPS family pages for more information.) She d. 17 November 1926 in Dixon, Lee Co., Illinois.

George was educated at the Racine Academy in Racine, WI, among other institutions. In the 1880 census of Dixon, Lee Co., IL, he is listed as a "retired contractor" living on Ottawa St, and the 1881 history of Lee County sums him up quite modestly as "George Steele, capitalist." In 1891, he was elected mayor of Dixon.

Children of GEORGE STEEL(E) and LOUISE VAN EPPS are:
i. WILLIAM VAN EPPS STEEL(E), b. abt. 1872.; d. 6 April 1918, Dixon, Lee Co., Illinois.
ii. ANNA LOUISE (?). STEEL(E), b. abt. 1875, Dixon, Lee County, Illinois; d. Abt. 1887, Dixon, Lee County, Illinois.
iii. BELLA GEORGINA STEEL(E), b. 1879, Illinois; d. 1962, Dixon, Lee County, Illinois.

Generation No. 3

3. WILLIAM VAN EPPS STEEL(E) (GEORGE, GEORGE STEELE) was born abt. 1872. He married MARGARET -----. He d. 6 April 1918 in Dixon, Lee Co., Illinois. She prob. d. 9 September 1945 in Dixon, Lee Co., Illinois.

At the time of the 1910 Lee County census, William was serving as town clerk.

Children of WILLIAM STEEL(E) and MARGARET ----- are:
i. MARVIN STEEL(E), b. abt. 1897, prob. Dixon, Lee County, Illinois.
ii. LOUISE STEEL(E), b. abt. 1905, prob. Dixon, Lee County, Illinois.

4. BELLA GEORGINA STEEL(E) (GEORGE, GEORGE STEELE) was born 1879 in Illinois, and died 1962 in Dixon, Lee County, Illinois. She married THEODORE WORTHINGTON FULLER in prob. Dixon, Lee County, Illinois, son of CHAMPION FULLER and JULIA REYNOLDS.

"Georgie" was listed as approximately 8 mos. old on the 1880 census. At the time of the 1910 census, she and her husband were living with her mother, Louise.

i. MARY LOUISE FULLER, b. 1903, Dixon, Lee County, Illinois; d. 1969, Dixon, Lee County, Illinois.

Mary Louise Fuller married Werner Sigismund Marloth in 1924. They are my great-grandparents. For more information, see the FULLER and MARLOTH family pages.