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Custom rod building need not be a dying art...

Easy and inexpensive access to information is the key behind getting more people involved in any endeavor. While many fishermen have considered building their own fishing rods, many find that access to the information required can be hard to come by or too expensive. Kids in particular, may not have the funds necessary to purchase rod building books, videos and/or DVDs. The result is the "graying" of custom rod building's main participants. In fact, the average custom rod builder these days is over the age of 50. What can be done to bring the craft to a new generation of rod builders?

In 2001, RodMaker Magazine launched the RodMaker Public Library Program. Its aim is to put instructional rod building books in as many of our Nation's public and high school libraries as possible. To date, over 350 rod building books have been provided, free of charge, to public and high school libraries across the U.S. More are being adding on a quarterly basis, as funds allow.

By making free, basic information on custom rod building accessable to more individuals, we believe that more people will get involved in building their own fishing rods. Ultimately, this is good for the craft, the rod building industry and the many thousands and thousands of kids and adults who will be accessing and using these free rod building resources for decades to come.

The RodMaker Magazine Public Library Program is not operated for profit nor are salaries or fees paid to anyone. 100% of donated funds are returned to the program's objectives in the form of book donations and any related shipping/mailing costs involved in the acquisition or disbursement of books to public and high school libraries.


Mission Statement

To perpetuate and grow the craft of custom rod building by providing free access to rod building information in the form of book donations to our Nation's public and high school library systems.

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