A rectangular array of elements set out by rows and columns . . .
An enclosure within which something originates or develops . . .

Soft Ovations  

Gentle applause amidst amber red and browns
Accompanied by scattered rustlings on the ground
Contain the whispered calls by all
How wondrous was the spring and summer
That has preceded this, our fall

Wise Man, Poor Man  

There once was a wise man
who smiled with a frown,
and bought politicians
at ten dollars a pound.
He said to the poor man
behind on his lease,
here, buy my aspirin,
at two dollars apiece.
Oh, pitiful poor man,
you look awfully low,
I'd sure like to help you
but I really must go.
I must see a man,
who lives by the bay,
whose horses are starving
from lack of my hay.
I must up the price,
cause he's in such a fix,
I own all of the hay
in his whole district.
You say you can't,
afford to buy meat?
Your kids lay awake,
from nothing to eat?
Look here poor man,
I do sympathize,
best buy from my stores
before prices rise.
Oh come on now,
You mustn't look so.
Things are bound to get
better and better you know.
Don't worry about tomorrow,
keep a stiff upper lip.
A smart lad like you,
can't help but be rich.
Well, I must be going,
to meet my dear spouse.
See you next week,
when I come for your house.