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This page contains links to almost every aspect of Ham Radio. Please explore. I hope you find something you like. I check the web for interesting sites constantly. As I find 'em, I add 'em. If there is something that you would like to see here, please let me know.

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W6EEN Contest


Grace Church

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Morse Code is No Longer Required!

The FCC's New Rules on Amateur Radio Licensing:

Morse Code Requirement Ends Friday, February 23, 2007



ARRLWeb: RF Exposure Regulations News

Read about how all US amateurs running more than 50 watts pep have to conduct routine RF radiation evaluations to determine if RF fields are sufficient to cause human exposure to RF radiation levels in excess of those specified. 

Vanity Call Signs are being issued Find out the details:

Vanity Callsign Info

Available Vanity Calls

Interested in Ham Radio? These are some great places to get info and get started:

ARRLWeb: How to Get Started in Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Examination Question Pools

AA9PW's Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page

ARRLWeb: Exam Session Search

W5YI Test Locations

Code Practice: W1AW Schedule

Morse Academy and Ham Academy Programs on AH0A Web Page

ARRLWeb: US Amateur Radio Frequency Allocations

USA Amateurs can now easily operate overeseas

Some San Francisco Bay Area Test Locations:

Sunnyvale VEC Amateur Radio Club Test Information

W5YI Test Locations

Click Here to see a copy of the RAREST QSL Card

These are some of my favorite Ham Radio Links:

Dx and Contesting Links:

Ham Radio Organizations:

Amateur Television and Slow Scan T.V.:

Antenna Links:

Hidden Transmitter/Foxhunt Links:

Weak Signal Links:

  Packet, RTTY and other Digital Links:

Ham Radio Software :


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