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I have made a number of enhancements to his scripts, but it’s still FREE and any event definition scripts for Kevin's version will also work in mine.

Some of my enhancements are modeled after those I saw in print calendars and others take advantage of the interactive capabilities available on a web site. These include:

  • A mini-month display of the previous and following months in first and last boxes if not occupied by dates.
  • Moving the previous and next month navigation links to the corners and duplicating them at the top for easier navigation.
  • New configuration variables to specify the format for some calendar elements so you can adjust them without having to modify the script code.
  • The capability of adding message boxes in the unused space that usually occurs at the beginning and/or end of the month. These messages can be either month specific or generic ones that apply to any month and you can specify different messages to display based on the length of the space available.
  • A category layers features that lets you apply different formats (such as colors) to entire categories of events and lets your visitors selectively hide or display events by category to avoid overwhelming them with too much event information.
  • The capability of calling external scripts to determine holidays or the corresponding dates in another calendar system.
  • Allowing visitors the capability of downloading the displayed event descriptions and importing them into a MS Outlook calendar from which they could also be synched up with a PDA calendar.
  • The capability of setting up an alternate, print-friendly display with different formatting.

Instructions for using enhancements are included elsewhere on this site.

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