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I cannot possibly present all the ways one might use this tool on their own site. To give you some more ideas, here are links to sites using this calendar tool who have consented to be listed.
If you will allow me to add your site to this gallery, please contact me.
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Simon Kenton Marching Pioneers

Simon Kenton Marching Pioneers

"I am a novice with web sites. I volunteered to establish some kind of a web site for the marching band where my son attends high school. Of course, everyone wanted a calendar of events and I was lost until I found your JavaScript.

Wow!!, In 4 hours I had the calendar looking exactly like we wanted,events entered and ready to go live.

Thanks for making me look like I know what I'm doing."

Eastbourne Lodge
Greater Racine Kennel Club
Beit Rayim Hebrew School
City of Las Cruces

Recreation Activities - Calendar of Events

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