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and the SMS Panther

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In September 1902 the Haitian armoured cruiser Crete-a-Pierrot captured a German vessel carrying arms during a civil war in Haiti. The subsequent battle between the Crete-a-Pierrot and the SMS Panther was widely reported. This card presents one account of the battle.


....................................SMS Panter..................
Port au Prince, September 18th, 1902 on Haiti

Dear Wilhelm!
Here you see that one has not completely forgotten one's old acquaintance at home. Immediately after the arrival our 'Panter' has been honoured with an 'extraordinary' order (from highest position the outcome of which was the complete destruction of the 'Faustian' armoured cruiser Crete a Perrot. This result will be - of course - well known to you from the newspapers. We really were lucky, easily it could have been the opposite. In case you read interesting things about our Panter in the major newspapers, please inform my dear family at home. The messages sent from here take such an awful long time. Now I hope to receive a whole sack full of news from you.

My hearty regards to you and your dear parents from e.v.N.

The statement "We really were lucky, easily it could have been the opposite" seems misleading. The 'Panter' was a major German gunboat. Was the outcome of the battle between Crete a Perrot and 'Panter' ever in question?

Civil War in Haiti ~ 1902

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