Letter to Mattie Sheldon ~ 1868 ~ Bethany College

On December 16, 1868 Burt, a young student at Bethany College, wrote this letter to Mattie A. Sheldon. "Mattie - Always to be my girl ......"

Bethany College provided the following information regarding the identity of Burt:

"It is almost certain that Burt can be identified as H. D. Robison of Cleveland, Ohio. Mattie lived in Aurora, Portage County, Ohio, which is 30 miles Southeast of Cleveland. H. D. Robison lists his hometown as Cleveland. Mattie may have been born in 1860; census records of her age seem conflicting. Seemingly Mattie was a friend that Burt knew before he came to Bethany. Reading his letter I wanted to know more about Mattie and Burt.

In the 1870 Census Mattie Robison appears alone.

Is this Mattie, now married to Burt?

Mattie Robison was listed at age 19.

Only Mattie was listed, where was Burt? rlcw@earthlXXk.net

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