Ruth Emelia Almborg
Daughter of John and Josefina

As a teenager.  I don't have a date on
this, but probably in the early 1900s.
More Pictures.

Ruth Almborg, her husband G.T. Broberg, her two sons, Richard A. and Gustave T. Jr.
and their families.  Early 1960s; spring break, West Palm Beach, Fla.

There are two families here: those of Richard A. (R) and Gustave T. Jr. (G).
From left to right, front to back: Margaret (R), Pixie (G) and Ted (R).
Middle row, Kristin (G), Stewart (Mrs G. T. Broberg Jr.), Mr. Gustave Theodore Broberg (Grandad), Mrs. Ruth Emilia Almborg Broberg (Grandma), Kay (Mrs. Richard Augustine Broberg), Katie (R).
Back row: Peter (G), Col. Richard A. Broberg, Judge Gustave Theodore Broberg Jr., and me, Richard (R).

RUTH EMELIA ALMBORG was born October 23, 1884 in Jönköpping, Sweden, and died May 05, 1969 in Lake Worth, Florida.  She married GUSTAVE THEODORE BROBERG. He was born October 26, 1885 in Sweden, and died June 10, 1973 in Lake Worth, Florida.

Burial: May 06, 1969, Pinecrest Cemetery, Lake Worth, Florida

  1. RICHARD AUGUSTINE BROBERG, b. August 27, 1914; d. September 11, 1979.
  2. GUSTAVE THEODORE BROBERG, JR., b. June 16, 1920; d. November 23, 2001.

Here she is in December, 1968 just a few
months before her death in May, 1969.
It never occurred to me I might never see her alive again.

Here is her son, Richard A. Broberg, during the December 1968 visit.  His son is taking the picture. I had just graduated from Florida State University and had also just been commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army.  Dad combined my graduation with a business trip to Palm Beach.  He flew to Tallahassee, then we flew to Palm Beach, then flew back to Tallahassee and then drove home to Canton, Ohio.  This was in early to mid-December, 1968.

And here is Grandad in December 1968.

GrandDad in late 1972 (I think).

A nice aspect of having your father in the military is that every once in while you get to live in a really nice place.  From summer 1957 to summer 1959 that nice place was Honolulu.  The nice thing about living in Hawaii is that you don't have to travel to see relatives.  They want to come visit you.  Dad's folks (Ruth and Gustave) visited us during 1958.  I don't remember how they got there but they sailed home on the S.S. Lurline.

This was taken at the same time as tht group picture above.  Spring, early 1960s.

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