This Page contains the Excel and Text (tab delimited) Parts lists I created. They are based on the Factory Parts Manual.

The parts files.

Click on the link to download the file. If you get an error (unable to download file) in Netscape, try turning off the Smart Download feature by clicking on the advanced button in the Smart Download window, clicking off the option, and quit/restart Netscape.

  • - The Excel (version '97/'98 or later needed). It is zipped to about 550 kB size

  • -The tab text version (DOS style line ends). It is zipped to about 70 kB size and contains 3 separate text files.

    Here are the online sources for Pantera Parts lists. PPC and PI Motorsports have complete lists in the factory style with the pictures included

    PPC (Larry Stock) the original online catalog complete with pictures (click on Parts Catalog to get the index. The price list as of summer 2000 is also there.) Much of the info in my list came from Larry's site, and he has generously agreed it's OK for me to reproduce it in the spreadsheet form.

    PI Motorsports - very similar to PPC also with pictures (gets you directly to the table of contents hit the Home button at the bottom to get to their unique parts)

    Pantera East (see "original" this also includes their parts substitutions)

    Also, Precision Pro-Formance has an online catalog of their parts (but not the factory parts which they also sell)

    Some notes on the Excel Spread Sheet version

    What can you do with this? Quite a lot! I've set up the Excel version ('97/'98 format - let me know if you need an earlier format) main page in outline form. Click on the little +/- signs to expand/collapse a section or click on the little 1 or 2 boxes just to the left of cell A1 to expand or collapse the whole list. I've also set the auto filters on the first page. They are the little arrows in the title row. You can click on them and see a list of everything in a column (not too useful here!) and you can set a custom filter (pull down and select custom) and say find every bolt listed. Click on the arrow in the "Description" cell. Then, in the custom filters box, select "contains" from the popup, then type in bolt. All the rows containing bolt will appear. They will be selected. You can copy and paste this to a new sheet. That's what I did to create the "bolt" sheet (see the tabs at the bottom of the worksheet). The filters can be turned on/off under the data/filters menu. If you turn them off, you'll need to select the whole area you want to filter on to apply them again. The parts list and price list areas in the sheet are named to make this easy. Just go to the popup arrow just to the left of the cell text entry box (the one with the = sign in front of it) and select the name you want.

    Or you can go through and mark and/or filter the parts you are interested in (like those in your car, not the GT5) and create your own list with comments and notes etc.

    The colored "links in col E, on the title lines for sections 1 and 2 will link you directly to the pictures on sheets Sec1 and Sec2. I only put in these pictures to show what could be done, and because the file was getting pretty big (900K). Both the PPC and PI list have all the pictures, but they aren't that high resolution. It is best to get a paper copy from one of the vendors. If you're doing a restoration, I'd make a copy of the important pages and then keep notes on them for reference.