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Creator Sites
Official Page for Mr. Ellis.

The Official John Cassaday Site
Enjoy John's work on Planetary and more! Laura Martin (formerly DePuy) and other colorists talk shop, with occasional samples!

More Planetary-related Sites


The Planetary Timeline:
Events in Warren Ellis and John Cassaday's PLANETARY

Sites that focus on Planetary-Related Characters

Sometimes feel like Ellis is referencing characters or events you've never heard of? Well, he is. And often the source of his inspiration lies (gasp!) outside of comics! Check out some of these sites for some awesome information that will fill in some of the gaps for you.

Pulp and Adventure Heroes of the Pre-War Years
This site lists the heroes of pre-WW2 pulp fiction, adventure and mystery fiction, comic strips and radio shows, movie serials and juvenile adventure fiction. Learn more about the pulp characters featured in Planetary 1, 5, 17, and 22!

Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana
This site features both the notable and obscure characters of popular Victorian Fiction. Outstanding information on the many Victorian characters referenced in Planetary 13!

The Holloway Pages: Pulp Heroes
Great info on the characters and era that inspired Brass' People from Planetary 1, 5, 17 and 22. Part of the Doc Savage and The Shadow web rings.

Forums and Message Boards

See what other Planetary fans are talking about!

The WildStorm Forum (a subset of the DC Comics Message Board)
Check here for threads with new Planetary perspectives!

Comic Book Resources: Wildstorm Forum
Check here for more Planetary threads.

Other Cool Comic - Related Sites

Changing The Times
Changing The Times is an Alternate History Electronic Magazine, where contributors from all around the net rework world events. Changes small and large to real events are imagined, often with earth-shaking results!

Sequential Tart
A terrific site, with interviews, columns, reviews, and more links than you can shake a stick at!

The Pulse
Comicon's The Pulse is a great news site that frequently features preview art!

Comic Book Resources
An amazing place - as advertised, the only site you need for comic information.

DC Comics
DC's official site.
Wildstorm Comics' Official Site.



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