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The Characters of Planetary. Click on a name to view the biography. SPOILER ALERT: The information provided here includes much, but not necessarily all, of the relevant information revealed about the characters over the course of the series. If you're just now getting on board with the series, or haven't read all of the issues, be aware that this page could reveal key details about the characters and plot elements.

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John Stone

Stone, John Stone The world's greatest spy, former agent of S.T.O.R.M., Stone has known Elijah Snow since 1969 when they met in a battle against Bride (Issue 11). Stone's history includes battles against at least one member of The Four (prior to their fateful trip into space) and work with Presidents, the UN, and the Hark Corporation.

Still a member of the intelligence community, he prefers to lay low these days. This is in part due to his greatly slowed aging process, which he estimates has only added five years to his age since 1954. As this was starting to raise eyebrows, he chose to stay out of sight.

While meeting up with Snow again in 2000, he helped Snow regain parts of his missing memory. But there is now some question as to Stone's loyalties. How much did he know about Snow's mind wipe, and when did he know it? Snow knows that Stone is one of the world's foremost authorities on memory tampering techniques, and may suspect Stone's involvement in his own memory recovery, if not in the mind wipe itself. What was Stone's role in the the destruction of the Hark building, and why wasn't he called in to investigate instead of Jim Wilder? Snow, after regaining some of his memory, ordered a file opened on Stone, and there is definitely more here than meets the eye.

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