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The Characters of Planetary. Click on a name to view the biography. SPOILER ALERT: The information provided here includes much, but not necessarily all, of the relevant information revealed about the characters over the course of the series. If you're just now getting on board with the series, or haven't read all of the issues, be aware that this page could reveal key details about the characters and plot elements.

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Elijah Snow

Snow, the Fourth Man Elijah Snow is the Fourth Man of Planetary, its founder, financial backer, and possibly most powerful member. A longtime lover of secrets and seeker of the secret history of the world, he formed Planetary to assist him with his mystery archaeology. A Century Baby, one of a small number of people in the Wildstorm universe who shares the mysterious 1/1/1900 birth date (and the accompanying trait of decelerated aging or possibly immortality), he has met some of the most remarkable beings to ever walk the face of the earth. Tutored in detection by Sherlock Holmes, peer to ultimate super-spy John Stone, Snow is a master strategist. Snow has demonstrated the power of heat subtraction (appearing to make his environment colder), a devastating ability when applied with intent.

As he has walked the earth over the course of the 20th century, he has documented his amazing discoveries in his annual Planetary Guide books, a chronicle of the strange and important. He has taken it upon himself to battle the The Four Voyagers, a group that has deprived the world of much of what it might have achieved. At some as yet undisclosed point in time, Snow used his knowledge and vast accumulation of resources to build the Planetary organization, a globe-spanning tool in his work. The organization is spearheaded by the field team, a group of four like minded and gifted individuals who handle the most difficult jobs that face the organization.

When the Planetary organization became a little too good at its work, The Four blackmailed Snow into submitting to memory alteration to save his teammate's lives (Issue 14). Blocks were set in place in Snow's memory that caused Snow to forget about Planetary, his Planetary Guide, and many other key prices of his past.

Despite the potentially deadly consequences, the Planetary organization decided to find Snow and see if he could still function despite his memory loss. Jakita Wagner convinced Snow to (re)join on the promise of a one million dollar a year salary and to expunge any record of his existence. Being with the organization once again inevitably lead to Snow perceiving his memory loss, pursuing it, and ultimately experiencing the breakthrough after meeting with John Stone in Issue 11 where he remembered much of his past. Since then, like a snowball rolling down hill, his memory and skills have been returning as events build towards a final confrontation with The Four Voyagers. As his abilities and memory have returned, his approach has become ever more vicious; Jakita has even commented that she doesn't know him any more (Issue 20).

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