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The Characters of Planetary. Click on a name to view the biography. SPOILER ALERT: The information provided here includes much, but not necessarily all, of the relevant information revealed about the characters over the course of the series. If you're just now getting on board with the series, or haven't read all of the issues, be aware that this page could reveal key details about the characters and plot elements.

Elijah Snow Jim Wilder Sherlock Holmes
Jakita Wagner Doc Brass Science City Zero
The Drummer The Spider Island Zero
Ambrose Chase Lord Blackstock Jack Carter
The Four John Stone Shek Chi-Wai
Anna Hark

Island Zero

Island Zero The official story used to explain why Island Zero is off limits to the world holds that the ownership of the island is in dispute between Russia and Japan. The unofficial version is that the island is protected by The Four. The day after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a storm and strange lights were seen over the island. Five years later, the first of the of many large and fantastic monsters emerged from its shores/ It was said to be the inspiration for many of the Japanese "giant monster movies" of the fifties and sixties, but those movies may have been made to serve as an odd cover up of the whole affair. Planetary has visited the island on a few occasions, most recently in Issue 2 in response to an unauthorized incursion there by a mad poet and his followers.

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