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The Characters of Planetary. Click on a name to view the biography. SPOILER ALERT: The information provided here includes much, but not necessarily all, of the relevant information revealed about the characters over the course of the series. If you're just now getting on board with the series, or haven't read all of the issues, be aware that this page could reveal key details about the characters and plot elements.

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Ambrose Chase

Chase Planetary's Third Man from 1994 to 1997, Ambrose Chase was last seen on a mission to catch a being brought back to our world from a fictional universe. Apparently mortally wounded (Issue 9), Chase seemed to be swallowed up by his power, the ability to generate a "selective physics distortion field." This devastating power could be used for localized control of the speed of time and the redirection of gravity, force, mass, and possibly other physics-defying feats. Coupled with this, Chase was an expert marksman with pistols.

Chase, attired in an all-white outfit at the request of Elijah Snow, before Snow forgot he was The Fourth Man, had known Snow all his life (only discovering the dual identity after being named the new Third Man). Snow revealed to Chase that he was the child of a survivor of Science City Zero (shown in Issue 8, a testing facility of Dr. Randall Dowling. Dowling would go on to become one of The Four Voyagers, and Chase's death/disappearance ironically took place at a facility carrying out more of Dowling's experiments. Since his death, Snow has provided for Chase's widow and daughter (Issue 15), and it has been implied that the daughter may possess developing powers of her own.

Chase has not yet been replaced on the field team.

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