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The Characters of Planetary. Click on a name to view the biography. SPOILER ALERT: The information provided here includes much, but not necessarily all, of the relevant information revealed about the characters over the course of the series. If you're just now getting on board with the series, or haven't read all of the issues, be aware that this page could reveal key details about the characters and plot elements.

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Anna Hark

Anna Hark

Anna Anna Hark runs the Hark Corporation, a global software conglomerate built with her father's inventions and fortune. Daughter of Doctor Axel Brass' associate known only as Hark, her family has a history of serving as protectors of the world (Issue 16), though at times their motives and methods have been called into question. She herself has at times allied herself with Randall Dowling of The Four, once working with him at some point around 1950, as Dowling performed hideous human experimentation (Issue 8). But as she explained to Elijah Snow in Issue 8, she felt that The Four are much too powerful to defeat directly, and she had decided to take a longer view of the situation and play for a victory in the future. A reasonable strategy for someone who, while born in the early part of the 20th century, expects to live for around 300 years.

She has shown an almost motherly compassion for her personal detective/investigator Jim Wilder, whom she once took in as an orphan. But she has also tacitly admitted to having engineered the accident that gave him his new abilities. And it was revealed in Issue 11 that she has hired top secret agent John Stone on occasion, further muddying the waters of her true agenda.

She has recently agreed to work with Snow and Planetary in a more direct effort against The Four, but her final role has yet to be determined.

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