This web site celebrates a great book, a series some say stands with some of the best series of all time and represents some of Warren Ellis' finest work. Additionally, it charts the growth of John Cassaday from a new talent to a major star illustrator. These are some of the most common questions from the course of the series.

1) What is Planetary?
PLANETARY follows a group of "Mystery Archaeologists" as they try to uncover and piece together the hidden wonders of the world. Part of the difficulty of this task is the fact that there are those who want these wonders to stay hidden... at all costs. While the book is firmly rooted in the Wildstorm universe, there is much more going on in the world than could be gleaned from the other Wildstorm titles.

2) Is this that book where all the characters are stolen from other companies?
Part of the purpose of Planetary is to explore the last one hundred plus years of the super hero genre. Many of the characters who populate the stories and flashbacks of PLANETARY are meant to represent many of the most recognizable icons of heroic fiction, both from comic books and other heroic fiction, and the most common heroic themes. The characters in PLANETARY aren't meant to be spoofs or send-ups; this isn't MAD magazine. Ellis is simply saying, "What if all of these elements existed in the same universe... how would that work? What would happen as a result?" In many ways, Ellis is doing what fans always wished could happen. He's just digging deeper than the average fan who wonders if Superman could beat Captain Marvel in arm-wrestling. He's trying to bring it all together in a cohesive way.

3) Is Planetary still being published?
No; the final issue of the series was released in October 2009. While additional collections (hardbound, softbound, and Absolute editions) may be released, there are no more new issues forthcoming.

4) How many issues did the series have?
The main series essentially concluded with issue 26, while the 27th issue was more of a coda to the series. There were also three "one-shot" issues featuring the characters and themes ( Planetary/Authority: Ruling the World; Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta; and Planetary/The Batman: Night on Earth).

5) Was this book related to Warren Ellis' other old WildStorm title, THE AUTHORITY?
Yes; there are similar themes, and some of the characters know each other. The books were both firmly grounded in the Wildstorm universe at their outset back in 1999 and 2000, but Planetary has since become somewhat independent of the rest of the WildStorm universe. Even so, issues of THE AUTHORITY penned by Warren Ellis (issues 1-12) can add to your understanding of the events in PLANETARY.

6) Is there any other place to read information about PLANETARY?
Check out the Links page for more sites discussing PLANETARY and Warren Ellis.

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