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     "Worship is the most fundamental activity of all mankind and especially the church. It is born in the deepest longing of every heart - the desire to know and be known. All true worship is a delight to both God and man. It is God who initiates the call upon the heart to arise to new places of initmacy and maturity in Him. If the Church is to minister life to all the earth, then this cry must increase and be formed within us as our goal and chief end. The longing for true communion in worship must become our life and our breath. Worship is ultimately the key that unlocks our whole lives before the Lord and provides a way of experiencing every depth in Him . . ."
     "At its very heart, worship is and will always be prophetic. Unfortunately, worship has not been taught or treated as prophetic in most of our churches, so few have glimpsed the glories or plumbed the depths of what God really intends for us as worshipers. Because of this lack, we have missed the very nature and essence of God's heart for us as we meet Him in church services and private devotion . . ."


  What others are saying about Prophetic Worship:

"I highly recommend Prophetic Worship for those who want to hear the Lord among His people today. Vivien Hibbert articulates clearly the differences between traditional and prophetic worship. She has the experience and understanding that can help the Church transcend horizontal worship and experience the presence of God."

LaMar Boschman
Dean of the International
Worship Leaders' Institute

"Vivien Hibbert is beyond a doubt the best teacher on the subject of prophetic worship. This book contains 'fresh manna' for true worshippers."

Dr. E. Charlotte Baker
Pastor, Teacher, and Author

"Vivien has a unique and proven ability to express lofty spiritual truths in a systematic way that builds understanding. Her teachings are both heart-driven and practical. This book is sure to be a valuable part of every music and worship leader's library."

Bob Sorge
Author and Teacher

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