Pennina Tomlinson has an estimated birth date of 1815 in Black Creek, Wayne County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of Thomas Tomlinson and Mary 'Polly' Rountree. Pennina married Thomas Saunders in North Carolina.
Around 1860, several members of the Tomlinson family migrated to Texas from Wilson County, North Carolina. Pennina (Tomlinson) Saunders migrated to Fayette County, Texas. Five of her siblings migrated to Montgomery County, Texas. Those siblings were Daniel Tomlinson, John Tomlinson, James Tomlinson, Temperance Tomlinson and Thomas Tomlinson.


Thomas Saunders
  • William Saunders b. 1840, d. 1863
  • John Thomas Saunders
  • Margaret Saunders
  • Sarah Saunders
  • Pennina Elizabeth Saunders
  • Mary Ann Saunders
  • Martha Saunders

Census 1850–1900

  • 1850, NSN District, Wayne County, North Carolina
  • 1860, Rutersville, Fayette County, Texas
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