John Corprew has an estimated birth date of between 1634 and 1636. He appears in records of Lower Norfolk County and Norfolk County, Virginia, during the period of 1673 through 1700. His surname may be found as Corperew, Corperhew, Corperue, Corporew, Corporoe, Corporue, Corporyou or Corporice. Unfortunately, the name of his wife has not been identified. He may have been a member of the Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers. His will was dated 13 gbr 1700, proved 27 November 1700. The term "gbr" possibly applies to the month of October or November. He left bequests to sons John and Thomas, and to married daughters Mary Dickson, Grace Holloway and Elynor Brough. His death was estimated to be 1700 in Norfolk County, Virginia.


Relationship9th great-grandfather