Josephus Peed was born 22 January 1823 in Beaufort County, North Carolina. He was the son of George W Peed and Mary (--?--). Josephus married first Julia Rowe, daughter of Noah Rowe and Patsey Tuten, September 1841 in Beaufort County, North Carolina. He enlisted in the 4th Regiment North Carolina State Militia (14th Regiment North Carolina Troops), to serve in the armies of the Confederacy during the War Between the States. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in South Creek District, Beaufort County. He married second Sallie A Lane, daughter of Robert Hines Lane and Anna Gay Dunn, 25 December 1892 in Beaufort County, North Carolina. He married third Sallie P Cuthrell, daughter of Alexander Cuthrell and Nancy 'Hancy' P Stapleford, 17 May 1894 in Beaufort County, North Carolina. He married fourth Susan Estelle Sawyer, daughter of Sheldon Sawyer and Caroline (--?--), 6 June 1895 in Pamlico County, North Carolina. He died 24 September 1910 in Richland Township, Beaufort County, North Carolina, at age 87. Josephus Peed was buried in the Tuten Cemetery in Durham Creek.


Susan Estelle Sawyer
  • George Sheldon Peed

Census 1850–1900

  • 1850, Beaufort County, North Carolina
  • 1860, Beaufort County, North Carolina
  • 1870, Beaufort County, North Carolina
  • 1880, Beaufort County, North Carolina
  • 1900, Beaufort County, North Carolina
Relationship2nd great-great-uncle