The Warren Chapel Methodist Church has an interesting history. In 1893, Jesse James H Warren founded it at Blounts Creek, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Samuel Richardson Fowle II of Washington, Beaufort County, donated one acre of land for the building site. His wife, Mary (Payne) Fowle, donated an organ. Fowle, owner of a timber firm, was Jesse Warren's employer. Apparently, the first lay preacher was William Acklin from Gilead. The collection offering was $43.00 that day. Construction of the church began about 1893. With the help of Pitt County carpenters Lewis Grise and George Johnson, the building was soon ready for dedication. Membership was over 100 but there is no record of the original members.

Fortunately, Jesse Warren kept a journal. His son, Rev Millard Warren, penned the History of the Methodist Church at Blounts Creek, North Carolina, which gives details about the building of the church and probable early membership information. Jennie Swindell suggested the name of Warren Chapel Methodist Church.

Over the years there were several church school superintendents, mainly Jesse Warren, Hiram Swindell, Will Adams and briefly Millard Warren, Jesse's 16 year old son. Mrs Henry Harris, also known as Minnie Lewis, served the longest tenure as superintendent. Revivals were held whereby outside evangelists were invited to assist the pastor. Rev Fernie Becton, of Carteret County, was a favorite.

In the year 1911, church members decided a new edifice was needed. Rev John W Hoyle Sr, a carpenter, was pastor (1912) during the building of the second Warren Chapel. The building was completed near the time of a terrible September storm that did much damage to eastern North Carolina.

Thirty years after the completion of the second edifice at Blounts Creek, a new highway was paved through the Blounts Creek community. Because the church was one-half mile off the highway, attendance and interest in activities dwindled. Jesse thought it was time to move the large church building out to the highway. He contacted Samuel Richardson Fowle II, his old friend and former employer, about trading the original lot for a new site. Moving the church would cost five hundred dollars. Jesse, by then aged eighty-five years, went to friends and relatives soliciting contributions until he raised the entire amount. Soon after the completion of the moving of the church, an old friend and member, Jesse Caton, gave a fresh paint job.

Jesse Warren and his family were the backbone of Warren Chapel. Homecoming activities started in 1937 with a Special Appreciation Day for the church founder, Jesse James H Warren.

It is assumed the names provided were of members during the early 1900s. Names are displayed with links to those having pages on this website. Additonal information, added for clarification, is from my database. There may be mistakes in determining who was a member as names were often repeated in families. Corrections greatly appreciated.

Some Early Warren Chapel Methodist Church Members

Name of MemberFatherMotherSpouseMaiden Name
Jennie SwindellWilliam Henry SwindellBryan Tripp BonnerClarcy J Swindell
David GaskillBenjamin G Gaskill Martha McClaudFannie (--?--)
Mrs David GaskillDavid W GaskillFannie (--?--)
Richard GaskillDavid W GaskillFannie (--?--)
Mrs Sally SwindellBenjamin G Gaskill Martha McClaudWilliam Henry SwindellSarah Ann Gaskill
Hiram SwindellWilliam Henry SwindellSarah Ann Gaskill
John SwindellWilliam Henry SwindellSarah Ann Gaskill
Mary SwindellWilliam Henry SwindellSarah Ann GaskillMary E Swindell
Mrs Lewis AdamsLewis AdamsVirginia (--?--)
Mrs StilleyJesse WarrenGeorgia Ann ThomasPharaoh StilleyNarcissa Augusta Warren
Mrs Sid CoxPharaoh StilleyNarcissa Augusta WarrenWilliam Robert CoxSidney G Stilley
Cam StilleyPharaoh StilleyNarcissa Augusta WarrenEva Edwards
Jesse James H WarrenJesse WarrenGeorgia Ann ThomasHelen Lee Ricks
Mrs Helen WarrenJesse James H WarrenHelen Lee Ricks
Emma WarrenJesse James H Warren Emma Louisa RicksAlonza N LewisEmma Louise Warren
William Cratch
Anson Cox
Mrs Olivia CoxJesse WarrenGeorgia Ann ThomasWilliam Baker CoxOlivia Sara Ellen Warren
Mrs Grace DiamondJesse James H WarrenHelen Lee RicksGeorge DiamondGrace Warren