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Please enjoy these samples of the work of Lyle Tucker and Bob Rivard. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image and notes about each piece.

Native Skeletal Viking True West Hulk! Spider-Man

Cops Crocface Murder Snake Birdman

We're Lyle Tucker and Bob Rivard- comic/fantasy/adventure illustrators whose work has appeared in "Rayne" comics and "True West" magazine. Primarily working in pen and ink, we have created works covering almost every genre and subject. Samples of our work in color will be added here shortly.

As long-time comic book fans, we were both excited to have a pin-up (the skeletal pirate and slave girl above) published in the comic book "Rayne". We are seeking additional illustration work from comics and magazines, although we enjoy creating pieces that simply expand the depth of our portfolio.

Inquiries regarding commissioned illustrations or ongoing projects are cheerfully accepted by clicking here or on the mail icon above.

Last updated 11/20/99

Spider-Man and The Hulk 1998 Marvel Comics, All other characters and all artwork 1998 Lyle Tucker and Bob Rivard