“Mount Rainier.” 40”h x 30”w . 2001


“Starbucks Coffee Holiday Catalog " cover . 20”h x 14”w . 1992



“Fireoworks Over Union Station, Tacoma,WA " RIP ART. 24”h x 36”w . 2010



Space Needle at Dusk


not pictured

“Billg.” 40”h x 32”w .


not pictured

"Witness." 20w x 16"w 2005


“Happy Giraffe” 56”h x 24”w



One of 5 illustrations for “Starbucks Coffee Holiday Catalog.” 20”h x 14”w . 1992



“Childhood Chair” 36”h x 28”w . 2003.


"Charly in Blue Jacket ", RIP ART Collage, 16"h x 24 "w 2009


"Guitar Man". RIP ART 29"h x 40"w 2006


"Shoreline Sunset", RIP ART Collage, 26 "h x 39"w 2005


Poster celebrating the architectural work of the added base of the Space Needle.


"Kitty Rip-Off" 16"h x 20"w










Linnea Granryd


Animale Wine ! (Labels)

Honored to have this small, successful Seattle-based winery use a couple of my works on recent labels:




"Family Piano", RIP ART Collage, 26"h x 30"w 2007


"The Cherry Tomato". RIP ART 24"h x 24"w 2006

expressionistic illustration with fine art twist colorful and whimsical pieces of printed paper, usually slated for the recycle bin .... ripped and re-arranged to form new images with mulitl -level meanings

"Gamla Stan- Old Town Stockholm" , 25"h x 43"w. 2006


"Pink Grapefruit." 38”w x 24”h . 2003.

“Zinnzanni Ukelele" 2007