Food and Health

"There exists the danger that we might stumble in our development if we do not know how to eat, how to drink water, how to breath and how to assimilate food. By consuming vegetarian food, man becomes more purified. Meat contains more toxins. When animals are slaughtered, they experience fear which forms toxins in their organism. The people who eat this meat, assimilate these toxins into their systems and as a result, diseases appear. When we hold a piece of bread in our hand, we must be filled with gratitude for the sacrifice which the bread makes. Go deep within yourself, contemplate and say: I desire to sacrifice myself as the bread. When you eat an apple, put your love into it, empathize with the tree on which it grew and your soul will contact the evolved beings who have worked on its development. If you come to love the apple and receive it into yourselves, you will improve your energy more than had you worked an entire year."

"What is disease? Disordered matter, disordered energy, disordered thought. When the vibrations of the organism are lowered, man becomes susceptible to different illnesses. In such cases, the slightest reason can cause disease. There is a rule which says: in order for the organism to be able to deal with disease, its vibrations must be raised. When disease comes to you, don't be afraid, but apply Love in your life. Love heals all diseases. Consider the disease positively, see it as a gift, given to you to work upon yourself."

"I say: the most powerful remedy in the world is hot water."

"Health depends on conscious breathing. You should spend at least 10-15 minutes three times a day breathing consciously."

"Colors cause movements, life. They are energies which influence the human organism."

"Music elevates the vibrations of the human organism and awakens vital forces."

"The energies coming from God pass through men. We are centers trough which the energies of Intelligent nature move."

"Faith is needed for healing. If you have faith, you will soon be healthy."