Le Français au travail

French tutor - Asheville, NC

Bonjour! I'm a member of CHICATA, Chicago Association of Translators and Interpreters and of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French.

I have taught French for many years, all levels from beginner through advanced levels of grammar, vocabulary, literature, speaking and writing. I had the pleasure of serving over several summers as an Escort/Interpreter for the Department of State, accompanying international visitors during their visits (2/3 professional, 1/3 as tourists) to the USA. BTW, showing the USA first-hand to an up-and-coming professional from another country is much more effective than simply - back in his or her home country - talking to him or her about it.

If you are (1) studying French in college and wondering what to do with it; (2) an American fluent in French and at a crossroad in your life and wondering what to do, consider Peace Corps! The number of Americans studying French has suffered due to the onslaught of Spanish, but Peace Corps is always looking for French speakers to serve in francophone countries, principally in West and Central Africa. Want more info? See my contact page.

Find a local Cercle Français. If you're in a big city, look for L'Alliance Française (see my links page).

Travel is mind-bending! I have visited France 20 times, lived in French-speaking countries for three years, have taken groups of students on school exchanges (to La Rochelle and Nancy, France, under the auspices of School Partners Abroad, SPA). My Peace Corps tour took me to West Africa where I taught English as a foreign language for two years at the Teacher Training College of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

Countries which I have visited or worked in.

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