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Note: This is based in the Archdiocese of New York. You may have different program in your own Diocese. (Pre-Cana Preparation 2001)

You should register for a Marriage Preparation program as soon as you have confirmed your Wedding date with your Parish. We urge you to attend a program six months to a year before your wedding. We will not register for a session that is less than 6 weeks before your wedding date.

Each program treats the basic topics in marriage, such as:
- Communication
- Sacrament
- Prayer
- Family Life, and
- Sexuality

The following are the marriage and family preparation programs to choose from:

1. Three-session/Pre-Cana: each session is about 2 hours. The cost is $60 per couple.

2. One-day/Engagement: Saturday or Sunday, from 9:30am to 4:30 pm. The cost, including lunch, is $100 per couple.

3. Other programs: Two-session and In-home programs are available on a limited basis, in certain locations. The cost is $60 per couple.

4. Weekend/Engaged Encounter: From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The cost, including food and lodging, is $270 per couple.

5. Daytime, Two-weekend "Three to Get Married" preparation program. The cost is $225 per couple.

6. Engaged Couple Spiritual Exercises. The cost is $95 per couple.

7. Marriage and Family preparation programs are also offered in Spanish, Italian, and Filipino.

8. Natural Family Planning information in English and Spanish.

B. WEEKEND PROGRAM (Engaged Couple
Sample Schedule:
Sacramental preparation for marriage is your focus on your Engaged Encounter weekend. Engaged Encounter offers you a chance to share the vision that marriage is forever, love is forever, and God is present in all we are and do.

You'll plan for the blending of two lives into a permanent marriage covenant in Christ as you explore topics like: - Communication in marriage,
- Decision making in marriage,
- Forgiveness in marriage,
- What marriage as a Sacrament means,
- Reaching out as a couple to your community, and
- Natural Family Planning.

Weekends begin Friday night and conclude with Mass on Sunday afternoon. Your $270 per couple registration fee (price subject to change) includes lodging, meals, and supplies. Reservations and pre-payment are required. Ideally weekends should be scheduled for at least three(3) months prior to your wedding. Financial assistance may be available.

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