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What is the CU-SeeMe Web Ring?
The CU-SeeMe Web Ring is a set of linked Web sites covering all aspects of video teleconferencing on the Internet using the CU-SeeMe software. Many of the pages are fun sites identifying regular CU-SeeMe chatters. Other sites describe CU-See Me client software, reflector software, utilities, technical information, reflector sites, and hardware used in video teleconferencing over the 'net.

How do I visit other sites on the ring?
Just click on the "Next Site" link (or any of the links) next to the CU-SeeMe Web Ring logo which appears on each site in the Web Ring.

How do I submit my site for inclusion in the CU-SeeMe Web Ring?
Fill in the form below and submit it. Next, you'll get an email message stating that your page is "in the queue". Then, the Ringmaster will add your site to the ring and you'll get another email with your "site ID". Finally, copy the CU-SeeMe Web Ring logo and links (as found on The Usual Suspects site) onto your site. Be sure to change the site ID in the HTML to your site ID as identified in your email message from Web Ring.

Where can I get more information on Web Rings?
Check out Web Ring.

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