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Readers' Rides

Send in your pics and story!

wren2@grics.net sent these two in. Unfortunately, I lost the story :(

John sent in these pics of his '89 New Yorker; cousin to the 5th. He bought it for $1,500; which seems like a steal for such a looker. All it needed were minor cosmetic updates.

Daniel Hardin writes:"Hi my name is Dan. I bought this 92 in 2001 for $3000. I am 6'9" tall and need lots of leg room and this car definitely has leg room. This is definitely the best production year for the Fifth Avenue. This model sets the standard for luxury" Here's Dan's car:


Mike Kingery is the proud owner of this 1990 Fifth Avenue:





This is Roger's Cleveland, Ohio based 1991 Fifth Avenue. He snapped this pic the day he bought the car for the bargain price of $2,575. The odometer only shows 62,000 miles! He says it's a bit off because the car needed a speed sensor; the one in the car would intermittently stop working. He estimates it's only off a couple hundred miles.

Roger calls his car 'the best car I have ever owned'. Congrats Roger, and thanks for the submission!




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