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11/16/05 - Well, we've sold the Queen, she was traded 11/10/05 for a 2004 PT  Cruiser . She was good to us, but it was just time to move on due to changing needs. Hopefully we'll see her again! This site will continue to be updated with any new Readers' Rides or any new information that might surface. 

5/25/05 - Thanks to a coolant leak, she's got a new bypass hose, and new upper & lower radiator hoses

1/13/05 - The pics are here! 

1/12/05 - New paint! New fender! Pics coming soon!

  7/22/03 - Finally, a MUCH delayed addition (two actually) to the Readers Rides section....

6/20/03 - Yes, half a year later, I'm back!! Our car still looks much like it did when the photos on the site were taken; the good and the bad parts :) She's turned 114,000 miles. I hope to have another update before too long :)

1/24/03 - Still pretty much where we were; just over 111,000 miles is all :) Still waiting on those readers' rides submissions....

<>5/12/02 Some new pics added

8/11/02 - Wow! Long time no update. Let's see, what's happened....new struts. New rear shocks...regular gas shocks because the load -levelling is too expensive at this point. Car rides great. Tripped 109,000 miles!

3/9/02 - Joined 3.3l Webring, changed Mighty mopar link 

2/24/02 Added Links page, and Readers' Rides page. Call sent out for submissions! Added R body 5th to Comparisons page.

2/16/02 - Added the Comparisons page

2/5/02 - Formulating a Springtime Plan:
  • Deep clean interior & vinyl roof
  • Claybar the paint and use scratch remover to help the trunk lid
  • Clean the engine

Also, I'm planning on taking advantage of the classy lines of the car with some (attempted) detail pics of the exterior. Stay tuned!

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