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Funny Stuff!

Hi. Sorry, but the NEW signpost should really say the 'slightly less old stuff'. Been a looooong time since I've updated here. But I do have a bone to throw out to ya; The Richweb Manifesto. Hopefully it won't be a year & a half before the next update :-)

NOTE: The missing files should be fixed now; damn case-sensitive servers! :)

I've received and found quite a few amusing little things over the last few years; this is the cream of the crop. Some of it is a little racy :) But it's all in good fun! If you have something of your own send it along!

If you've arrived here by a side door; try the front door. Don't wanna miss anything!

NOTE: With the return to Earthlink; I've had to remove some of the files due to space considerations. If your favorite is gone; mail me and I'll send it to you :)

Downloadable Files

NEW Corrupt2.exe How corrupt are you? Take this nifty little test to find out!!

NEW **Cartoons!!** C'Mon! Ya know ya love'em!

Bad_day.exe -- Just to make a bad day worse

colour.exe -- The Colour Preference Test

DiskScan.exe -- A neat little utility. heh heh heh

SheepSheep.zip-- This is it; your own little sheepy.

Orangeorange.zip-- And his cousin, the Orange. Orange is more annoying than the sheep, but he flies cooler.

Christma.zip--For the guys; a red dressed dancer

Hohoho.zip-- Ah yes, the holidays. My take on this wonderful time of year full of FaMiLy...ACK!

Touchit.exe -- Go ahead. Touch it. Rated NC-17...

Godown.wav --A long one. But funny; more Clinton humor.....

PUSH-Dump.avi -- When you REALLY gotta go!


 Sound Files: [top]

peekaboo.wav A silly starter...

South Park-- A nice, pleasant little musical interlude. A large file but Funny!!!

wavcof.wav-- Ahh, that Tasters' Choice feeling...

parklot.wav-- 'Clerks' fans will appreciate this gem from the movie...

lust4sex.wav A great compilation...really hilarious. As with a few of these; it's a large file but IMO well worth it..

For those of us who can't wait until Hanson is no more...a couple of ditties: KILL-HANSON.wav and Diehnsn.wav

coolwhip.wav MMMM I just Love cool whip :)

Domduck.wav Donald Duck as you've never heard him...

Porky.wav Continuing the cartoon theme..Porky Pig!

cat.wav Good grooming is so important...

gonads.wav Funny yes....but also true :)

ass2nite.wav Also known as the I-95 song...if you're in Jersey & want to here this song live, check out The Roadies. If you're into really planning ahead; I have an extensive list of gig dates here

More will be added as I find them or they arrive!


Computer Humor [top]

badtimes.htm-- News on the Bad Times Virus

beer_os.htm-- The Beer Operating System Guide. Truly hilarious. If you read one thing here let this be the one.

computers_female.htm--Why computers simply *must* be female

computer_support.htm-- It wouldn't surprise me if this story actually is true...

Software.htm-- What those software revision numbers (3.1, 4.0, etc.) really mean


Automotive Humor [top]

what_car_says.htm--What the car you drive says about you

list_rules.htm-- List slightly modified for the Neon Mailing list, but appropriate for anyone familiar with internet newsgroups/mailing lists.

letter2.htm-- Hilarious account of one guy's attempt to buy a Pontiac Firebird.


Drinking Humor [top]

NEW! fivestages.htm -- The five stages of drunkeness...

decoy.htm--Designated Driver? How about Designated Decoy?

drink_beer.htm--Why beer is good for you

too_drunk.htm --All the signs that you've had a few too many

vomit.htm --The Vomit Dictionary. Pretty disgusting

beer_thoughts.htm --Deep Thoughts on beer.


Women....and Men [top]

NEW! rejection.htm -- Sample letter of rejection

43rules.htm--43 Rules for women....

more_rules.htm--...apparantly aren't enough so here's some more!

way2no.htm -19 ways to know if you're a woman

100 Best things about being male The advantages of testosterone...

10 Worst things about being male The unfortunate disadvantages

Now for a couple for the ladies:

What Women Should Know About Men A very informative list...

One for the girls Some horriobly unfair man bashing jokes :)

not_to_say.htm What not to say to a naked guy


Other Jokes that don't fit anywhere else: [top]

NEW! Strange Facts - A listing of truly odd facts.

NEW! Cartoon Rules - The real rules of Toon Land...

NEW! Short Stories - Some short takes on the stupidity people can demonstrate...

NEW! Givin' the cat a bath - Ah yes. They love it so. Step by step instructions.

deepthoughts.htm --Deep thoughts from 5 & 15 year olds...

baddaycure.htm -- Why keep the suffernig you endure during a bad day all to yourself? Spread it around!

3daughters.htm.htm--A farmer and his three daughters meet the suitors

bizarre_definition.htm-- strange definitions for seemingly normal things

cartoon_druggies.htm-- Which cartoon characters are on which drugs? Find out here!

headline.htm-- A collection of real headlines from the newspapers.

proverb.htm-- A collection of mostly witty sayings. Some are very true, some are odd, and a couple I just don't get! You be the judge...

Drummer Jokes-- A great collection of Drummer jokes that will have you on the floor...

callyour.htm-- What do you call your...

annoy.htm-- Sure fire ways to annoy people!

10waystogetfired.htm If you really want to lose your job...

bartswritings.htm A list of what Bart Simpson has written on the chalkboard during the opening credits of The Simpsons.

embarrasment.htm A funny revenge joke.

dayoff__.htm You REALLY want a day off from work???

genxer.htm For my fellow 80s children...a flashback...

With having to remove some of the files here; I feel it's only fair to give you some other places to go for your humor fix :)

HA! The Funny Pages - Funny and bizarre jokes and artwork

Jokes.com - Pretty self explanatory I think :)

Zooass - As weird as it sounds. And more.

Joke-of-the-Day I think you've pretty much figured this one out too. Good stuff!

All the above sites feature daily joke lists. They're funny; I'm on all of them. Just ask my friends :)

Don't forget to send me your jokes!


 Last updated 5/8/01

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