Welcome to our Chrysler Fifth Avenue site! This site was originally on, but when they went belly-up without notice, I was left high and dry. So, this site has been recreated from scratch. If you happen to be looking for Richweb, it's home is here.

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Our Chrysler Fifth Avenue is part of the family of Chrysler products known as "EEK's". EEK stands for "Everyday Extended K Car", as most all of Chryslers' 1980's and early 1990's automotive product was derived from the platform that spawned the Reliant and Aries "K Cars". The Fifth (and it's near twin the Imperial) are known as AY bodies, and they were created from the AC body New Yorker/Dynasty. More on this is available at my Allpar pages on the subject.

 Properly, the car is known as "New Yorker Fifth Avenue". Throughout the names history, it was often positioned as the 'top level' New Yorker. The moniker began life as the top-flight New Yorker when that model was downsized slighty into the R body platform in 1979, essentially taking over for the Brougham trim designation. The New Yorker (and the Fifth Avenue trim) moved to the M body in 1982. In 1983 the New Yorker was moved (again) to the FWD E body (actually a stretched K platform) and so from 1983-1989 the RWD M body Fifth Avenue stood alone, as the New Yorker moved to the FWD E body, an extension of the K platform. This version of the Fifth Avenue stayed in production longer than the E body New Yorker, which bowed out in 1988. Come 1990, the M was finally discontinued, and once again the Fifth became part of the New Yorker family, though this time the difference was more physical: this Fifth Avenue was longer than it's AC body New Yorker counterparts. Fifth Avenue did not survive the extinction of the AY body after 1993, and the storied New Yorker name itself was gone after 1996.

New Paint

Our car is a 1992 model with the B package. This fairly standard package offered a lot of equipment in a common one-stop-shop way. The production date of our car was October 24,1991. Our car was first titled on April 22nd, 1992. It was with it's original owners until February 2nd, 1999. It languished on the dealers' lot until September 2nd, 1999 when we bought it. We traded this car back to the same dealer in November 2005, for a 2004 PT Cruiser. More info is on the News page.

It needed a little TLC; the vinyl roof needs some help, the passenger dash is warped near the cowl and the headliner needs some help (which was a project that I never got to).
Overall it's a very classy car, one we were glad to be seen in! The Queen had gotten a new paint job a few months before she was traded; the pic above is of new paint job. See if you can see what's different about the front end. Let me know if you figure it out :)

 I hope you enjoy this site. Any questions or comments please drop me a line.

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