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Punch Cards by THE KNITTERY

We are the sole international supplier of THE

KNITTERY punchcards and designs. Over 300 designs

are available, $3.00 to $5.00 each +s/h.

**New** PUNCHCARD CATALOGUE & DESIGN IDEA BOOK (published in 2014): $5.00 +s/h. (Only available in print form at this time.)

A featured punchcard design is shown in each issue of MACHINE KNITTING INSPIRATION. Consult our new ~THE KNITTERY~ catalog to see the entire collection of designs.

THE KNITTERY began offering pre-punched Punchcard Designs from their business in Boone, Iowa in the 1970's. In the 1980's they moved to Walker, Minnesota and continued to expand their offerings to include Punchcard Originals, Fairisle Favorites, the Family Collection, Young at Heart, Tuck, Ripple Afghan, Heavy Weight (W cards for Worsted), Novelties (Sport Bootie, Knife Pleat, Box Pleat, Trims-Trims-Trims, and Ruffles & Flourishes), Alphabets, Numbers, Chugalong Choo Choo and more.

In the 2000's Rocking Horse Farm purchased the entire remaining inventory from the original owners and the rights to reproduce the designs. We continue to offer the cards at the low price of $3 each (except novelty packs) plus shipping.


To use a normal KNITTERY punchcard on any knitting machine: ignore the side numbers and mark a Starting Line.

1. Locate the double row of punches at the bottom of the card.

2. If knitting on an SK machine (Silver Reed, Studio, Singer, Artisan 245, Toyota, Elna or Knitmaster) count up 5 rows and mark the Starting Line inbetween the 5th and 6th row. If knitting on a KH machine (Brother or KnitKing) count up 7 rows and mark the Starting Line inbetween the 7th and 8th row.

(Do not include the double row of punches when counting.)

3. Insert the bottom of the card into the Card Reader. Feed
the card in, up to the Starting Line. The machine will
begin reading from the correct row to begin the pattern.


business hours: Tues-Sat 10-6 Central Time

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