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Knitting Machine Patterns: Trendsetter Design Series
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Versatility Tuck
Several tuck stitch patterns are included.
"Versatility" and "Tucked in My Heart" can be used for afghans, scarves, garments and more.
Tuck is so versatile... here are some tuck stitch designs that have lots of practical applications. When using the "Tucked in My Heart" stitch design, the tucks actually create the appearance of a heart!
The book contains patterns for an Afghan, Christening Set, Pillow, Circle Scarf, and Summer Tuck Top using one of the four tuck stitches on the accompanying disk.
$20.00 +s/h
specify Brother or DAK CD, $5 extra
or DAK files via email

Dakota Rib Sweater
Rib designs are stylish yet classy.
The 6x2 rib accentuates the upper body.
Dakota Rib is a saddle-shoulder sweater design with a V-neck. The 6x2 rib cashes in on the current wave of rib design garments. There is no cuff at the bottom of the sleeve, so the wearer can choose to wear it long covering up part of the hand or rolled.
The book contains the sweater pattern in M/L, XL, and XXL Tall sizes. Special instructions are given for attaching the ribbed neckband onto the sweater by hanging them back on the machine. 
Pattern requires ribber or G Carriage.
Temporarily out of Print
no disk required

Fade to Grey

Use this fairisle stitch pattern to create the illusion of colors fading into each other.

Choose two shades of the same color, or combine gray with a color to create this sweater. A fairisle stitch design creates the look of the "fade" sweaters in stores. Floats are minimal. The disk contains several options, from a small fade to a -40 stitch- long gradual fade.
$15.00 +s/h
specify Brother or DAK CD, $5 extra
or DAK files via email

North Country Fade

Use a light color on the top and fade to a darker color on the bottom to accentuate the figure.

This sweater utilizes a version of the fade design from "Fade to Grey" with a Scandinavian motif to create a ski slope feel. Use the yarn leftover from the sweater to make a matching hat with the Scandinavian design on the band and the fade design on the top, so the color fades into the top gather.
$15.00 +s/h
specify Brother or DAK CD, $5 extra
or DAK files via email

The Uncommon Cardigan

Knit a fairisle band using the Uncommon Cardigan book to dress up a sweatshirt.

This isn't your ordinary sweatshirt cardigan! Make a stylish V Neck cardigan using the concise instructions in this book. Photographs show how to cut the cardigan and assembly method. Knit the fairisle bands using any built-in or punchcard fairilse pattern. Other variations shown are knitweave band, lace band, or racing stripe.
$12.00 +s/h
no disk required

Diagonal Dream with Easy Swing Skirt

Use two different weights of the same color yarn to make pleats in the skirt.

A unique diagonal pattern is the highlight of this ladies' design by Carole. The elegant sweater is paired with an easy knit skirt to create a classy ensemble. The pattern contains instructions for knitting the diagonal design. The skirt is made with two contrasting weights of the same color yarn to form the pleats.
$15.00 +s/h
specify Brother (940+) or DAK CD, $5 extra
or DAK files via email

Socks for All Seasons
A collection of sock patterns including Lace Socks, Tube Socks, Slouch Socks and the instructions for the AMAZING No-Shape Slipper Socks! These hand-knit looking socks are done in a special way that requires no special shaping. The Heel and Toe are formed by the way they are seamed. Instructions are for ankle length or crew length, three sizes each. Seperate instructions are given for standard, mid gauge or bulky machines, using a variety of weights of yarns.

$20 +s/h

Socks for All Seasons
The AMAZING No-Shape Slipper Sock

Socks for All Seasons
Patterns for lace socks, tube socks and slouch socks are also included.


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