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List of Books & Patterns published by Rocking Horse Farm

For speed and efficiency, this is a list of book titles only. Browse through other pages or our store catalog to see pictures. Prices do not include shipping/packaging. This is the current list of all Rocking Horse Farm publications. Consult our store catalog for the list of hundreds of book titles we carry by other authors.

Practical Knitting Series (leaflets)
Beanies ~ $6.00
Skateboard & Snowboard hats, toques, skull caps
for standard, mid-gauge, bulky and Passap
Carole's Cotton Afghan ~ $6.00
use built-in pattern or punchcard
Dishcloth & Towel Set ~ $6.00
with Fingertip Towel Topper
Easy Bulky Double Slipper ~ $6.00
for standard, mid-gauge, bulky and handknit
G-Carriage Summer Top ~ $6.00
use built-in pattern
Hockey Hat & Headband with Earlaps ~ $6.00
for standard knitting machine
Homestead Rug ~ $6.00
for any knitting machine (standard, mid-gauge, bulky, Passap, or Antique Round (CSM) Sock machine), no sewing required. Easy loom instructions included
Lace Sock & Tube Sock ~ $6.00
for standard knitting machine, tip sheet for knitting lace on a knitting machine included
Leg Warmers ~ $6.00
"New Age Leggings" & Hockey Socks, includes instructions for standard, bulky, Passap and G-Carriage
"Mitten Tree" Double Mittens ~ $6.00
in 5 sizes, for standard knitting machine
Rocking Horse Farm Summer Tuck Top ~ $6.00
use built-in tuck pattern or punchcard (punchcard available, $3.00)
Sideways Knit Summer Top ~ $6.00
for standard knitting machine
Tree of Life Afghan ~ $6.00
no disk required for Brother/KnitKing 930-965i machines, 970 or DAK disk available $4.00
Woven Placemats & Potholders ~ $6.00
with easy-weave technique, for standard knitting machine
Woven Scatter Rugs ~ $6.00
with Felted Rugs and Saddle Blankets, for standard knitting machine
Practical Knitting Series (books)
The Bulky Book "Hand-Knit Look" on 9mm machines ~ $20.00
G Carriage Tips, Tricks, and Techniques ~ $12.00
new revised version with more info and special G-Carriage Trim
DesignaKnit Seminar Notes ~ $15.00
Critter Clothes for beanbag animals and teddy bears ~ $10.00
Our Favorite Personal Touches for a Sweater or Sweatshirt ~ $12.00
includes: cut & serge/sew neck, cardigan fairisle bands, hidden zipper bands, ribbed neck for sweatshirt insert, ribbed removable cuffs
Treasured Jewels Baby Blankets & Lap Throws ~ $25.00
specify disk preference: 930, 940-970, or DAK
Your Mid-Gauge Favorites:  "Hand-Knit Look" on 6mm, 6.5mm and 7mm machines ~ $20.00
Captivating Creations Design Series (leaflets)
Artistic Sideways Knit Jacket ~ $8.00
for Mid-Gauge or bulky machine
Awareness Afghan ~ $12.00
specify disk preference: 940-970, or DAK
Making Waves ~ $8.00
A contemporary "Crochet-Look" vest
**COMING SOON** Our Favorite Suit ~ $15.00
Jacket and Skirt with DAK shape disk available
Short Row Doilies ~ $8.00
for standard, Mid-Gauge and bulky machines
The Spectrum Scarf ~ $6.00
for standard knitting machine
The "Think Green" Bag ~ $6.00
for standard and Mid-Gauge knitting machines
Trendsetter Design Series (books)
Alpaca and Wool on the Knitting Machine ~ $20.00
hats, headbands, fashion scarves, garments and more
Dakota Rib Sweater ~ $12.00
for standard knitting machine
Diagonal Dream with Easy Swing Skirt ~ $15.00
for standard knitting machine,
specify disk preference: 930, 940-970, or DAK
Fade to Grey Sweater ~ $15.00
for standard knitting machine,
specify disk preference: 930, 940-970, or DAK
Moods of Indigo Sweater & Shawl ~ $15.00
specify disk preference: 930, 940-970, or DAK
North Country Fade Sweater ~ $15.00
for standard knitting machine,
specify disk preference: 930, 940-970, or DAK
Pretty & Practical ~ $20.00
the best of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS... use built-in pattern or punchcard, for standard, mid-gauge, bulky and Passap machines
Sensational Scarves ~ $15.00
for standard, mid-gauge, bulky, Passap & G-Carriage... use built-in pattern or punchcard
Sensational Shawls ~ $15.00
specify disk preference: 930, 940-970, or DAK
Socks for All Seasons ~ $12.00
no-shape slipper socks, lace socks, tube socks, slouch socks
for standard, mid-gauge and bulky machines
Versatility Tuck ~ $15.00
for standard knitting machine,
specify disk preference: 930, 940-970, or DAK
The Uncommon Cardigan ~ $12.00
for standard knitting machine,
use built-in pattern or punchcard
Felted Fashions Series (leaflets)
A Purse with Personality ~ $6.00
for any machine or handknit
Baby Booties ~ $8.00
for any machine or handknit
"Crank E. Bear" the Felted Bear ~ $8.00
for any machine or handknit
Felted Hats with Row-by-Row Instructions~ $8.00
for mid-gauge or bulky knitting machines
Felted Friends ~ $2.00
animal templates for felted fabrics: kitty, fox, bunny
Felted Slippers ~ $8.00
for standard, mid-gauge or bulky knitting machines
Moccasins ~ $8.00
for any machine or handknit
Felted Fashions Series (books)
The Rocking Horse Farm Guide to Felting Wool ~ $10.00
for any machine or handknit
Fiber World (book WITH CD/E-Book)
(issued for September Seminar)  ~ $25.00, AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!!
patterns, guide sheets, current trends, fashion forecast, history of knitting machines, store catalog, yarn guide. Includes CD with DAK files for patterns. (optional Brother disk, extra $4)
E-Books (CD's)
Rocking Horse Farm Design Collection for Dak ~ $25.00 stitch designs are sutiable for any machine or handknit
Rocking Horse Farm Patterns no longer available:
Blocking Hints, $- (may be updated and reprinted)
Colorado Rib Sweater, $- (may be updated and reprinted)
Millennium Afghans, $- (will be updated and reprinted as "A Decade of Blessings")
Pashmina, $- (included in Sensational Scarves)
Perfect Headband, $- (replaced by Hockey Hat & Headband)
The Muffler Scarf, $- (included in Sensational Scarves)
Shipping Information: add $5.99 to the price of the item (Priority Mail), or contact us for availability of cheaper shipping options. If ordering two or more items, add $.50 to each additional book plus the initial $5.99.


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