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The following picture is something of an heirloom; it hung for many years in the Hayes house on West 9th Street in North Platte. It is a picture of a steam locomotive, #1809, in the North Platte, Nebraska Union Pacific Railroad yard. We believe it to have been taken around 1900. My great grandfather Michael Hayes is standing in the doorway of the cab, he was the fireman. The engineer was named Fonda (yes, the famous Fonda's were originally from Nebraska, we don't know if this Fonda was related to them). I created this image by scanning a large format black and white negative that was taken by a Union Pacific company photographer in East Los Angeles in the 1960's of the original print.

Michael went on to become a locomotive engineer, and chief of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (the engineer's union) in North Platte for four consecutive terms. His brother-in-law, William Jeffers, became president of the Union Pacific Railroad.


Fireman Michael Hayes

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UPRR 4-6-0 #1809, North Platte, Nebraska, ca 1900. F. Fonda, engineer, M.Hayes fireman.



Young Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes, ca 1885



Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes, my great grandfather.
9 Sep 1867(?) - 19 Dec 1950


Mary Anna Kane

Mary Anna (Kane) Hayes, my great-grandmother and Michael Hayes' first wife.
Mary Anna was born in Manchester, England ca 1876, and
died age 59 in North Platte ca 1925


Mike and Grace

Michael and Grace Hayes.
Grace was Michael's second wife and was formerly Mrs. Grace Squire.
She and Michael were married in 1933 in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.



Charles Michael Hayes

Charles Michael (Mike) Hayes, circa 1914.




Four Generations

George Henry Higgins Daly, his daughter Eliza "Percy" Dolph, his granddaughter Elsie A Hayes, and his
great grandson, my father Charles J. Hayes, in a photo taken in 1927. George Daly was born in London, England, ca. 1845. He was my great great grandfather. I believe he is the oldest known relative of whom I have found a photograph. He died less than three years after this photo was taken, on April 4th, 1930, and was buried in Gillette, Wyoming.



Three generations Hayes

Three generations of Hayes. From left to right are Mary Ann, Charles Michael (Mike), Charles Joseph (Buddy), and Michael (Mike) Hayes in this photo taken about 1930.



C.M. Hayes family

The C.M. Hayes family, about 1930. From left to right in front are Mary Ann, Charles Michael, and Charles Joseph (Buddy), with Elsie (Dolph).



Buddy Hayes

Charles Joseph (Buddy) Hayes, 1930, age 3 .
Recognize those trees?



George A Dolph

George Albert Dolph, my great grandfather.
27 Oct 1869 - 23 Aug 1940



Percy Dolph

Eliza Adelia "Percy" (Daly) Dolph, my great-grandmother.
28 Apr 1878 - 2 May 1939

Read a hand-written note by Percy to her daughter Elsie.



Dolph's Wedding

George Albert and Eliza Adelia "Percy" Dolph
Their wedding picture, 27 October 1896
They married on his 27th birthday.
Percy looks really young because she is - 18 years old.



Elsie and Papa

"Elsie and Papa"
Elsie was the youngest of the five daughters of George and Percy Dolph
that survived childhood. Photo ca 1913.



Rena and Frances

Rena and Frances Dolph, my grand aunts and Elsie's sisters.
I knew these ladies, who both lived to the age of 96.




Photo: Tom Newberry

Ham radio has been a recurring theme across three generations of Hayes. In this photo taken in the mid 1950's, we can see my father, Charles J. (Bud) Hayes (k6axr), a friend of the family "Monty" (w6mmb), and my grandfather, Charles M. (Mike) Hayes (w0kwq). I remember my dad taking me by Monty's house on a Saturday morning and Monty feeding me peanuts. Photo taken at Tom Newberry's house on Maltman Hill in the Silverlake District of Los Angeles.



CQ 10

Photo: Tom Newberry

That's me at my dad's ham radio station, k6axr, holding an Astatic D-104 microphone connected to an Elmac A54H transmitter. That's a Hallicrafters receiver on top. Looks like it was 1956 judging by the magazine cover, so I was two or three years old. Photo taken at the family home on Hyperion Avenue in the Silverlake District of Los Angeles.



Mother and child

Photo: Tom Newberry

Mother and child.
My mother, Marjorie Rosemarie, and my oldest sister, Mary Patricia. Photo taken at Tom Newberry's house circa 1956 in the Silverlake District of Los Angeles. My mother was 28 years old and Mary Pat about one and a half at the time of the photo.




Photo: Tom Newberry

That's me relaxing with a Miller High Life. Not quite sure why I appear to be wearing fingernail polish.



Mary Pat and doll

Photo: Tom Newberry

Mary Pat posing with a doll. I'm in the background enjoying my Miller.



Nebraska bound!


Nebraska bound, circa 1958. Taken in the evening at the East Los Angeles Union Pacific depot.
That's my mother's compact case I'm holding. The train would leave LA in the early evening
and arrive in Las Vegas at dawn.


Bearded wonder


Can you believe I ever looked like this? Taken at Christmas at my parent's
home in Arvada, Colorado around 1980, with my paternal grandmother, Elsie (Dolph) Hayes.



Railroad guy


My godfather, George Conneally, and I working on the Lionel train set. My middle name was given after this man. I believe this photo was taken circa 1955 at the family residence on 21st Street west of downtown Los Angeles. George was working for the nascent Hughes Aircraft Company at the time, where I went to work 20 years later. I still have the train set. (But not the cute New York Central engineer's overalls).



Born to solder.

Born to solder. This picture, taken on Hyperion Avenue in June 1959, shows me holding the soldering gun while "Gramps" applies the solder. Gramps was 55 at the time, and I was 5. We were tinning the leads for the power cord for the Lionel train set. That's two year old Theresa's head in the left foreground (how 'bout those curlers). I remember this, as I was a bit leery of holding the hot soldering iron. But Gramps was great for having me do new things that I hadn't done before. That's a nice Hawaiian shirt I'm wearing, isn't it?




Photo: Bob Hayes


Here's Sophie, who lives with my aunt Patricia Hayes. I renewed my acquaintance with Sophie in April 2003. She acted like she didn't know who I was, the bitch.




Mick Hayes (center) with his daughter in law Tammy
and his son Brian at award ceremony in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Bud's Bar

Some Hayes's and in-laws at Bud's Bar, December 2001.
From left to right, my brother-in-law Steve Schulte, my cousin Bill Hayes, my uncle Mick Hayes,
my brother-in-law Tom Sharkey, and myself.

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