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The earliest Hayes ancestor we know of was my great great grandfather Bernard Hayes, born in Ireland in the 1820's, immigrated to Ohio in 1854, settled in Nebraska in 1865, died in 1907 in North Platte, and reportedly buried in Friend, Nebraska. This page is devoted to genealogical information regarding Bernard and his descendants.

I'll try to accumulate meaningful information here that will be of interest to the family. It seems to me that earlier Hayes generations have taken an almost perverse pride in not recording or keeping track of relations. So far as I am aware, nobody knows just where in Ireland Bernard came from. Family folklore claims he left under duress, having killed a man's mule. I suspect a potato famine had something to do with it.

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Recent news

We have new genealogy information on our Daly ancestors. After being contacted by Bobbi Mayfield, a great great granddaughter of George Henry Higginson Daly, we have learned more about not only George but his father Charles. We now know that Charles Daly was born in Cork, Ireland. We also have photos of Charles and George, as well as George's second wife. The Hayes' we know of are all descendants of George Henry Higginson Daly and his first wife, Deborah Ann Hull. Their daughter Eliza Adelia (Percy) Daly was the mother of our dear Elsie (Dolph) Hayes, my paternal grandmother. Bobbi is a descendant of George and his second wife, Elyda Alice Cox.

I've added the genealogy report on our Daly ancestors I received from Bobbi. The report is fascinating. According to it we are the direct descendants of a slave-owning Kentucky plantation owner who was murdered for being a royalist (i.e., for England) during the American Revolution! The report also claims that we are "definitely related" to Thomas Wentworth Higginson, a noted author, radical, Unitarian minister, and Civil War veteran who's life was the basis for the movie Glory which was released in 1989.

Jon Robert Meyers has graduated magna cum laude from TCU and married Allison Irving in a ceremony July 24, 2004, in Carmel by the Sea, California at the La Playa Hotel.

Mary Ann (Hayes) McCullough is recovering from surgery. We wish her a speedy recovery.

There's a new member on the Hayes family tree! Kathy (McCullough) Lindsey give birth to Connor on Wednesday, June 12th, 2002. Connor is a great great great grandson of Bernard Hayes (and a great great great great grandson of Charles Daly). It's safe to say this kid is of Irish ancestry.

Mick Hayes was honored last year at a ceremony in Lincoln, Nebraska in appreciation for his many years of volunteerism to the North Platte, Nebraska catholic schools. Mick also appeared in a TV interview on the local station. See the photo in the Hayes photo section.


Marjorie Rosemarie Perlinger Hayes, 1928 -2001.

The death on December 16th, 2001 of my mother has obviously affected us all.

The family had made plans to go on an Alaska cruise in July, 2002, to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, and we went forward with it. My mother had indicated that if anything should happen to either her or dad, we should go no matter what. I've created a memorial page to her here.


The Cruise is completed! A wonderful time had by all!

Our fabulous Alaska cruise is history. Thirteen of us cruised from Seward, Alaska, to Vancouver, British Columbia on the MS Statendam of the Holland America cruise line. And just in time it seems - the same day we disembarked in Vancouver, the Statendam caught fire and went adrift on the northbound cruise that evening. The two cruises after ours have been cancelled. Marge was looking out for us it seems.

Here are some photos of the cruise. I'll be updating these from time to time.

To celebrate what would have been my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, and to memorialize my mother, my father and all of their descendants (13 of us) went on an Alaska cruise. We enjoyed seeing Collegiate Fiord, Prince William Sound, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Juneau, and Ketchikan, and finally Vancouver. We saw Dahl sheep, humpback whales, orca (killer) whales, bald eagles, golden eagles, salmon, bears, etc. etc. I personally enjoyed standing on the Verandah deck with my new Nikon Ocean Pro 7x50 binoculars and watching for whales.

We all gained 10 pounds or more eating the abundant and free food. We enjoyed our own private dining room "The Queen's Room" where we were all seated together at the second seating (after a mixup that had us at first seating was cleared up with the maitre 'd). We had our own two waiters and a wine steward, with large viewing windows behind the main table.

Many of us took shore excursions ranging from mountain bike rides to float-plane "flightseeing" to helicopter rides, to salmon fishing trips.

Our results in the on-board casino varied - I know I donated nearly $100 to the Holland America Line, but my in-laws apparently compensated for that by winning at the slots and blackjack table.

Here's a link to various Alaskan webcams.

Other News

I've updated the photos section with several new pictures, many are old black and white photos from the 1800's and early 1900's. Many of the new photos are from a family history book started by Elsie Hayes and loaned to me by my aunt Mary Ann.

In a completely unexpected stroke of fortune, friend of the family from the Silverlake District Tom Newberry has "found" us and forwarded some remarkable and wonderful photos of the C.J. Hayes family taken in the Spring of 1956 at Tom's house. The family was just my parents, myself and Mary Pat - Teri wasn't born until the next year, and Peggy several years after that. My parents were in their late 20's, I was two and a half, and Mary Pat just over a year of age. The photos were taken with Tom's Leica, one of the best available at the time. That the Kodak transparencies held their color for nearly 50 years is remarkable. We've managed to connect with Tom again via the Internet. Tom, retired from
Aerospace Corporation, is the uncle of the former Ram and Steeler all-pro offensive lineman of the same name. We're much indebted to Tom for thinking of us and forwarding these fantastic photos.

My aunt and godmother Mary Ann (Hayes) McCullough has lent me a family history album originally started by my grandmother Elsie Dolph Hayes. I'll be scanning many of the photos in the album and posting them on the Hayes Photos page. One fact that I quickly learned from the album is that Michael Hayes' first wife's maiden name was Kane, not Gannon as I had thought.

I've added a Hayes genealogy report, showing the descendants of Bernard Hayes. We know there are some who aren't included in it as yet, but I will be revising it from time to time.

I have started a Hayes family tree in Family Tree Maker format (.ftw). I can distribute the data base in a couple of different formats, but you must have a genealogy tool to view it.

I've received and scanned several photographs that my father had, and I've put a few of them on the Hayes photos page. More photos are on the way.

I've added the obituary for Bernard Hayes from the North Platte paper in 1907. This obituary is the single best source of information I have on his life.

Background on the Hayes name

Hayes is a common surname in England, where it derives from various places of the same name and from the Norman De la Haye, but in Ireland it is almost always the most common anglicization of the Irish Ó hAodha, from the personal name Aodh, "fire", which was very popular in early Ireland. No doubt this popularity accounts for the fact that the surname originated separately in at least twelve different locations, including south-west Cork, Limerick/Tipperary, south Donegal, Sligo, Monaghan, Meath, Mayo, north Tyrone, south Down, Armagh, and Wexford. As well as Hayes, the surname was also anglicized as "O'Hea", particularly in south-west Cork, and as "Hughes", since Aodh was invariably translated as "Hugh". This last anglicization is most common among the five septs originating in the Ulster counties. The name is most common in County Cork, and this is the most likely place of origin for our family. And as we now know (as of October 2004) we are descendants of at least one Corksman, George Henry Higginson Daly.

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 Union Pacific Railroad. The employer of three generations of Hayes.

 Union Pacific Historical Society. Some interesting railroad history.

 William M Jeffers. President of UPRR 1937-1946 and a relative of the Hayes family.

 San Francisco Giants. Bill Hayes' employer.


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Family Tree

The family tree info is in the form of a genealogy report I created using Family Tree Maker for Windows. It's in "rich text format" so you can open it with most any word processing software or even Notepad which comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows. Review it and fill in some of the blanks!

Here is a link to a Daly genealogy report I've obtained from Bobbi Mayfield. Bobbi and I are both great great grandchildren of George Henry Higginson Daly.

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