Cuimnidh ar Luimneach agus ar Feall na Sasanach!

The Gallóglaigh (from the Gaelic for foreign warrior) are the traditional warrior class of gaelic Ireland. The Gallóglaigh are drawn exclusively from Irish Gentlemen, or gentlemen of proven Irish descent, who are graduates of the International Bodyguard Association. The Galloglas is headquartered in Ireland and commanded by Colonel The Chevalier James Shortt, The Baron of Castleshort (An Ridire Séamus MacAnGéarr, An Tiarna na Barúntach na Caisleángéarr). 

In Charleston recently The Galloglas escorted guests such as Prince Ermias Haile Selassie and General & Mrs Westmoreland. In London, the Galloglas were loaned to the War & Peace Ball at the Dorchester Hotel as an Escort for the Grand Duchess Maria Vladirmirovna Romanov. In one of their ceremonial roles, the Royal Galloglas Guard represent The Society of the Irish Brigade (in French service), at commemorations of Irish Soldiers in Foreign Service. Officers of the Royal Galloglas automatically are Officers of the Society by virtue of representing the Society at Memorial events.

The Mountcashel Cross of The Honourable Society of the Irish Brigade was drawn by Dennis Ivall, and is worn by Officers. It is named after Justin MacCarthy, Viscount Mountcashel (first Duke of Clancarthy), the founder of the Irish Brigade. The Cross features crossed Galloglas Swords to the rear and a Royal Munster Crown with cap above. In the centre appear the Royal Arms of the Kings of France and in a belt the motto given to the Brigade by the French Royal Family - Semper et Ubique Fidelis - Always & Everywhere Faithful - and above this the date 1694 being the date of the death of Lord Mountcashel. The cross comes in 2 classes - Officers Cross and Breast Cross.