It is the tail end of the American Revolution. Having waited four years for his chance to take part in the war, young Christian Fast enlists in a brave expedition led by George Rogers Clark to subdue the hostile tribes in the wild "Ohio country" and capture the British stronghold of Detroit.
    In his first battle, Christian is captured by Delaware Indians and is taken under the protection of an old warrior named Tom Lyons.  He is adopted into the tribe.  In the course of a year's captivity, Christian comes to know and admire the Indians and encounters such historical personages as Captain Pipe, the Delaware war chief, and the notorious turncoat and "white savage", Simon Girty, mastermind behind Indian attacks on the border settlements.  He also meets the Moravian Indians-Christianized Delawares who suffer a terrible fate at the hands of American soldiers, two centuries before My Lai.
    Christian is eventually made a Delaware warrior and, torn by conflicting loyalties, takes part in a campaign against his own home in western Pennsylvania.  How he manages to serve both loyalties and to escape to warn his people of the approaching Indian army forms the climax of the novel.
    Based on a true story, thoroughly researched and historically accurate, The Adventure of Christian Fast does not gloss over the violence and cruelties that accompanied the expansion of the American frontier, cruelties practiced both by red men against white men and with equal savagery by white against red.
    But it also celebrates courage, friendship and human kindness in the vividly told story of a youth who fought for both sides.

After a 22 years absence, this fine book is now back in print.
Identical to the original publication, with the following exceptions.
   - bright white paper and spiral binding for easy reading.
   - clear plastic protectors are included on both front and back jackets.


About the Author:
    Mr. Don Oakley is a former syndicated newspaper editorial writer.  He wrote for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. in Cleveland and New York from 1957 to 1977 and for Scripps Howard News Service in Washington from 1977 to 1985, when he retired to pursue personal writing interests.  He has written an award-winning companion novel set during the American Revolution, Two Muskets for Washington, 1970.

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