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Here you can gain understanding of me and the things I aspired for in life.

I am foremost a wife and caretaker of my seven children. As a child growing up in a conservative Christian family, it was my desire to become a missionary. For me that meant a life committed to serving others which was a lot easier to do for as long as I remained alone. I held unto those desires for many years until I finally got married at age 30. I had my first birth child at age 31. By age 32, and after two years of marriage, I was a mother of 5 children under age five.

Today I can see that my children are the bridge that gave me a clearer grasp of life.

I was born in Belize into a multiethnic family the second child of six children.

Shortly after graduating from a two year- program from Belize Technical College, I migrated to the US at age eighteen. It was originally my desire to study psychology and to use those skills in ministry. Instead, I became a nurse and on occasions I have used my nursing skills to help missions.

It was my incessant desire to help others that lead me to pick a sibling group of four girls, as my daughters. This commitment, however, has caused me to be unable to participate in as much mission trips as I would have desired. It has enabled me to see growth, struggle and some success with my children. Something I would have never come to realized from short term assignments.

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Taking a break from work

What a job!

No matter what the job was whether it was working in a Dry cleaners or nursing, mine was always one of service. Both of these jobs enable me to meet people from all walks of life and looking back enabled me to appreciate and recognize sincere individuals.
The link below is of a blog of such an individual that I deem as unforgettable.