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Thank you for visiting my home page. Here, you may gain insight to my life and some of the challenges I faced as a mother. I anticipated becoming a mother, but I did not quite grasp the profound effect it would have had on me. Being a parent changed me; it made me a better human being. Although, I was a nurse, it was mothering my children that have made me a much more compassionate person.

Here you will find links to my blogs, poetry book and other interests. 

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What's New?

I am currently working on a children's book.

Poetry that speaks to the heart

Fantasy/Controversy or My Reality (E-Book)


The Celebration of new life.

A new beginning!

Moving forward, struggling.

Sometimes looking backwards.

Clinging and hoping that life gets better.

And even better than it was.

Having a home of my own!

No more, bouncing around.

Achieving the goal, long set for me.

Resting peaceably, with my destiny.